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In my previous post, I talked about what I have been doing to earn an income online since October 2013.

I’ve been working with a company (that you may have already heard of) called DS Domination.  There are so many reasons that I LOVE this company:

  • They are the real deal.  The owners of the company are genuine, they have integrity, and they actually do care MORE about the members of DSD than they do about just making money for themselves.
  • DSD keeps adding content, upgrades, and new information with out charging the membership more.
  • You DO NOT have to try and network market, or get 3, or grow a downline. — You can just focus on using the product and that’s all.
  • The community keeps growing at an extremely fast rate.
  • The community is so caring and helpful, you don’t ever feel like you are alone.


We now have only 4 days to go until the live event in Dallas.  At the event this year the brand new 2.0 version of DSD will be release to it’s members.  Again, the company will be providing way more value to us than any company I’ve seen before.

As I mentioned in the video from October 2013 until now, I have not been actively promoting DSD.  The reason for that? I’ve been busy making money just by USING the products!  But I really feel at this point that it would be selfish of me not to share it with you, to pay it forward and try and help more people achieve their goals and dreams.

So many people ask me what it is I do “online”, well here it is.

One thing that I have missed about not keeping my #AHWH blog up is helping others who are struggling.  The time has come to do that.

If you are at all interested in making extra money from home, you really want to keep watching right here.  I will be updating on all of the DSD 2.0 awesomeness as I learn more.

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Hey there! I really appreciate YOU taking the time to check out this site, and this post.

So if you’ve been following along, you will see that I’ve been “tinkering” online for several years.

For the majority of that time, I was just really playing around because I thought it was interesting and fun. Learning how to build sites and making extra money was a way for me to keep my mind occupied and allow my focus to move toward something positive.

Recently, I have been changing my focus from where I am just tinkering, to where I am building up my full-time income from online revenue sources.

So the question is –

HOW do you make enough money online that you can live off of?

Maybe you don’t need that much, maybe making extra money online for you is just to supplement a pension, or supplement your full-time income. Whatever the case is, I am going to show exactly what has been working for me, and how it can work for you.

I started with a company in October 2013.

I was simply SICK AND TIRED of being suckered into to trying to recruit people, or build a down-line, or just get 3, or whatever else was being advertised as the next latest and greatest way of making money online.

The training that I received from this company, taught me how to sell online with basically no out of pocket expenses, and slowly build my income selling items on eBay, and then later selling items on Amazon.

making extra money

Making Extra Money using eBay and Amazon

What I LOVED about it straight off was that I could just learn how to sell items and make profits on them over and over again.

I did NOT have to try and sell anything to anyone else!

Simply by using the power of eBay and (later) Amazon, I have been able to grow my monthly income to a place where I can support myself from the profits.

What I have grown to love about this company even more is the sense of loyalty, honesty, and integrity of the owners, and the hugely supportive community of all of the members.

The company that I am referring to is called DS Domination.

They teach a simple copy/paste/profit system that ANYONE can learn and succeed at.

 It is really super simple… Check it out….

That looks pretty simple, right?

Now – what you need to know is that DSD is currently about to release a totally new and upgraded version to make the process of selling items online… and making extra money…. even easier, and almost (90%) fully automated.

This will make it even easier for someone LIKE YOU who has never been online before!

Keep watching over the next several days to learn more about how exactly this will benefit you!!!


Talk soon,




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