7 Intentions I Have for 2018 – My 48th Year!

Well, here it is my birthday.  I’m 48 years old.  How the hell did I get to be 48 years old?!


As I mentioned to you in my last post I Don’t Have a Clue, I have really been working on getting to a place of clarity and self love.

One of the ways I want to do that is by setting my intentions for this year.

I intend to take time with myself daily, in the mornings just being quiet.  You can call it mediating if you’d like, but I would really just prefer to think of this this time as spending time with my quiet voice.  I have already been doing this for a couple of weeks and really do feel more peaceful, patient and loving.

I intend to treat my body and my health with the highest respect and love.  This to me means that I will continue choosing the food that makes my body happy (which for me means staying in ketosis), I will continue to be active and moving, AND I will stop filling my lungs with toxins.

I intend to follow my inner voice and stop trying to figure out all the answers in my head.  It’s when I start trying to analyze life in my head and listening to the advise others may give me that I often seem to end up in a direction I didn’t mean to go.

I intend to put myself as my top priority because it is only then that I can be of greatest service to others.  This may mean letting go of some of my “people pleasing” ways.

I intend to spend time each day laughing, loving, and being grateful for the many many wonderful things that I already do have in my life.

I intend to let go of all the extra padding of “stuff” that I have in my house and in my heart, so that I am finally free from the clutter.  Getting rid of the clutter means that I will be giving and donating things that could still bring some use to others, or to dispose of things that have outlasted their usefulness.

I intend to find new ways to really love what I do keep and move forward.  Instead of just getting up and saying to myself, “same shit, different day”, I want to get up eager with the possibility of what each new day will bring.  Living life with design and purpose, instead of just by default.

Basically my MAIN intention for this year is to just get the hell out of my own way and stop trying to sabotage everything that I do have.

It’s kind of funny because since Christmas I have really been getting into a state of depression, looking at where my life is and starting to over analyze the “how” did I get here.  In fact, it doesn’t really matter how I got here….  And HERE is not so bad anyway, I have so many things that I am grateful for …. Right Here!

I heard this song by Nickelback the other day – What are you Waiting For?.  It HAS ALWAYS been a favorite, but this year I think it will be my theme song!

I am actually very ready to take the wheel and steer this year.  It is my year to reach for the top, and we shall see where in fact “the top” will take me.

So my Birthday thought on this day as I move into my 48th year is this….

  • Life is good, in fact, life is fantastic!
  • I am expecting and new freer, fuller version of me as I emerge from my cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.
  • I expect abundance, and joy in all areas of my life, including my health, time, relationships, and finances.

I know these are some pretty “deep” and serious thoughts for my birthday.  Now that I have my intentions straight for this coming year, and taken time to get them down in this blog, I plan to spend the rest of my day enjoying family, friends and making good memories.



It is now the first week of the second quarter of 2018.

I was still feeling defeated and stalled.  Until I came across a free report called “The Comeback Manifesto“, and it has got me really fired up and ready to finally accomplish my goals and start LIVING and ENJOYING my life.

It has me so fired up, that I have actually signed up to be part of the 100 Day Challenge.

The way I see it is that I have two choices. 

A.  I can sit around for the rest of the year in a funk, complaining why my life isn’t where I want it to be.  I can take on the “victim” mentality of everything is happening to me and I so therefore I can live the life that I want.


B.  I can get up off my a$$ and do something about it.

I choose B!!

If this resonates with you and you are tired of just letting life go past you.  Join me on the challenge, and let’s get after it together to make some serious change!!

Me Against Myself - 100 Day Challenge



Talk soon,




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