Miss Molly got her First Ever Bark Box!!

How Exciting!!  

We opened our first ever Bark Box today!

She could smell the goodies inside even before we opened it up!

We ordered The Bark Box a few weeks ago.  I had been debating for a long time whether or not to spend the money every month on Miss Molly.  I decided to go ahead and make the investment, for a few good reasons.

In our house it seems to just make sense.

If Miss Molly gets new treats and toys every month, she will stay interested in them and away for the kids toys (hopefully).  I have to buy treats for her every month anyway, and I like that she will get variety as well as good quality treats.

This months bark box was a Space Invader theme.  I actually forgot to select which theme when I placed the order so it was a complete surprise.

I feel like it’s a pretty good value.   For $20 USD, we got 3 different treats and 2 toys.

The Toys

There were 2 plush toys in the box that were both a space invader theme.  Both of them have a good squeaker in them and seem to be pretty durable.  Molly hasn’t put them down since we opened the box.

She loves them.  Now she tries to carry a baby toy and her toy in here mouth lol (silly Molly)!


The Treats

Three different kinds of treat were included in this Bark Box.

1. Interstellar Space Snacks – Beef treats made in the USA.  It comes in a 5 oz package.

The size of these bites is a good size for a larger dog.  They are a medium size morsel.  You could use them as training treats, though they are a bigger than the training treats I’ve used for Miss Molly in the past.

2. Astrobacon Dog Snacks also come in a 5 oz package, and are made in the USA

This was the treat that I opened right away for Miss Molly, and she loved them!  It was super cute, she saw me open the bag and immediately headed to her bed.

I’m here mom, I’m being good, do I get a treat?


3. Crunchy Pork + Apple Premium Chew Bars

They are made by a company in the USA called Treat Planet.  All natural ingredients including rawhide, pork, apples and caramel color.

The box only has 2 chews in it, so is a bit small but we shall see how Miss Molly reacts to them.  I plan to give her one later today when she comes home from her walk.

Update:  She loved the chew, but with her big teeth, it didn’t last very long.


Overall, I am very satisfied with the Bark Box.  Molly is in love with her plush toys and won’t put them down.  So far she hasn’t even chewed through them (that’s a definite bonus!)

If you have a sweet fur-baby, or fur-grandbaby in your life, you should check out the Bark Box and see if this is a good investment for you dog.

Talk soon,



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