100 Pound Weight Loss: Wanna Know My Secret?

Well I did it!!!


I am not where I want to be yet, but this is certainly a HUGE sense of accomplishment for me.

So many people are asking me what my secret is.

 Quite honestly I don’t have one, more than what I have already been posting and sharing.  But I do think here is the difference this time.

I was finally READY for a change.

I am DETERMINED to make that change happen.


I am sure that every single Monday (or at least every other week), I would think to myself… Self…  This is it!!  You’ve got to get on this, get your sh*t together!!.  And then I would just move on about my day and onto my daily assortment of comfort foods.

I knew I needed to do something, I even knew about my current eating plan (or Atkins which is very similar).  I just did nothing about it.  For years…

My weight continued to climb up until I was heavier than I could even imagine… and I would just eat away my pain, and my stress, and my discomfort.  I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic and that didn’t even do it.  I made a few attempts then, but had no follow through.

My boyfriend at the the time was also severely overweight.  In December of 2012, he was diagnosed with severe diabetes.  He had to immediately go on insulin and additional diabetic medications.  He couldn’t see properly or anything and was not even able to work until he got it under control.

Stress of course is a huge factor in obesity and in blood sugar levels.  He was under extreme stress at the time (and had not been previously diagnosed).  He died in February of 2013.  That was a huge deal for me, and it took a long time for me to get through that loss and feel okay.

I still did nothing!!

In fact, after he passed away I gained another 50 pounds trying to deal with my emotions from that loss. 🙁

My best friend was diagnosed with the same dreadful disease, a few years prior to that.  She also had to go on insulin and all sorts of medications.  She has been able to come off the insulin but has still been having issues with blood sugar levels for I’m thinking 6 or 7 years.

I knew I needed to change.
I was to the point where I had completely given up on myself.

Healthy Weight Loss

Last summer, I decided it was time.  I was planning on doing some other MAJOR life changes and I knew that in order to be able to enjoy the rest of my years (and prolong the years I have left), I seriously needed to take care of me.

I honestly feel like I had lost that ability.

So starting back in August, I went a Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) way of eating.  I joined a Facebook group that a friend of mine runs, and set to work.  I honestly didn’t think I would get this far, hell I didn’t even honestly feel like I would be able to drop 20 pounds!

Thinking of it as more than hundred pounds (more than 150 actually is where I need to go, but whose counting at this point) would make me completely shut down, and not try.

My mom joined me for company.  She didn’t think we would last for more than a week.  And she thought it was a bit of a crazy diet…  but she stuck with me, and for that I am forever grateful.

I had to think of it in 5 or 10 pound chunks.  After the first few weeks when I had lost probably the first 15-20 pounds, I knew I had come too far to look back.  I knew that if I quit now I would not start again.

I just kept going.  Pound by pound, week by week.

On September 18th, my grandson was born.  My daughter had to undergo an emergency c-section as baby was breech and a month premature.

She NEEDED me to be in the operating room with her.  If I had not lost that first 20 pounds, I would NOT have been able to fit in the scrubs and they would not have allowed me to go into the operating room for the birth of my grandson.

FloridaAt the end of October, I went to Orlando Florida for a business event.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself at that point, having lost 40 pounds.   I managed the entire event without going off my eating plan at all.  Wooohooo!!  That was a big deal!!

The thing is that once I was in ketosis, I did not crave any of the sugars or carbs that I would binge on almost daily.

christmasI got through the entire Christmas season with little to no off-plan eating and by the end of the year, I had managed a full 70 pound loss.  My sister kept crying at Christmas because she was so happy that I had come that far.

When I went back to my doctor in January for my regular 3 month check-up, he walked in the room and said what the hell are you doing?!  Whatever it is keep it up!  I’ve been off my Metformin for my pre-diabetes since that day.  I have never weighed in at this doctor as low as I was that day (and I had been seeing him for probably 15 years).

Mom reached her goal of losing 35 pounds, but has stuck right by my side helping me prepare meals, helping to keep me motivated, and just being my biggest cheerleader.  It really, really helps to have a buddy to do this with.

January started a new 90 day challenge, and a renewed commitment to my healthy weight loss.   I actually started doing some form of movement 4 days a week (2 days of yoga, and 2 days of low impact aerobics and weight training).  I am really enjoy it… even more so, I am really enjoying be able to move.

Weight Loss Milestones

Cathy and Richard FlowersI went to my Thursday morning fitness class, mom was telling the instructor that I’ve made it to 100 pounds…  She teared up a bit.  Almost made me start…  you see, my family has been soooo worried about my health for such a long time.

Then at dinner, I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my sister in law, and my big brother. It made me feel super special cause I don’t get flowers.

I love my family and their support!!

I go back to see my doctor next week, and I told him that my goal is to come of my high blood pressure medication.  I think I’ve made it, we’ll see.  But if everything looks good at that point, he says I can go to blood work every 6 months instead of every 3 months (YAY)

I am so thrilled and excited to see what the spring of this year will mean to me and my health.  I am so very grateful for all of you cheering me on, and truly do hope that I am able to inspire and motivate you.

It really is difficult for me to share this with the entire world because for so many years I have tried to hide behind layers and layers of fat.  The only reason I am sharing is because I do really care about helping others through this too.

If you are looking for some help to start your keto weight loss journey, take a look at this 28 day Keto Challenge.  (that’s my link).

I would love to hear from YOU!!


Talk soon,





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