For Me – Mindset in Weight Loss is Crucial

One thing that I had to do in order to stick to this way of eating is change my mindset. I don’t consider this a diet, because it’s not.

I FINALLY made a conscious decision that I wanted to get healthy and actually be able to enjoy my empty nest years. There was NO WAY I was going to be able to do that carrying around the weight that I was carrying.

Every day and every time I was about to stick something in my mouth, I had to picture a healthier happier more alive me. In the beginning, it was an actual conscious choice. Choosing the right foods to fuel my body is now a lot easier than it was, but some days it is still hard.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I was literally killing myself with potato chips I would eat them without even thinking about it, they were my comfort – my escape.

Oprah-and-Deepak-2-435When I was at my Yoga class this morning, my teacher mentioned this 21 Day meditation challenge just starting.  Oprah is doing it.  So I just went and signed up for it.  I do believe in meditation and getting your self talk to a place where you are loving yourself instead of talking non-stop smack in your head.

I am not sure what this meditation is about, like I said, I just signed up tonight.   I thought that I would mention it so that you can sign-up and go through it with me if you would like.  It is called the Meditation Experience, and you can register here.

I am looking forward to getting into day 1 as soon as I am caught up on today’s to-do list.


People have been asking me what I eat to lose this weight.  I will showcase some of my favorite meals over the coming days.  But what you need to do is take the initiative to research the Low Carb High Fat Way of Eating.  You need to become involved in your own journey to health.

I would love to hear what you are eating and trying.  For example, on the weekend my niece tried low carb Cauliflower pizza, but put her own spin on it.   That’s awesome and I love to see it!

Tonight’s dinner was a very simple one.  You will notice that I am not a complicated cooker.  One of my dear friends lived on a farm for years, and so she was always substituting items in a recipe and deleting whatever.  And that is how I cook.  It’s all about being simple and quick.

Cheesy  Eggs with Sausage



Took me 5 minutes to make, and was loaded with 76% good fats, and only 4 net carbs.  This willl keep me full (and full of energy) right until bedtime.

Hint:  I have the breakfast sausage precooked and frozen so that it is super easy to grab them when I am hungry and I don’t have to think about it.

Now I must get some work done for my eCommerce business, and then I want to listen to that meditation before I go to bed.  🙂

Talk soon,





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