March Keto Krate: My Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Snack Surprise Box

I got my MARCH KETO KRATE the other day in the mail, and I’m really excited to dig into it.

This is my third box since I joined the Keto Krate program in January.  I was hesitant to keep the subscription at first because it does get a little pricey for us Canadian folks with the exchange and extra shipping, so I wanted to try it for a few months.

Keto Snacks Delivered Monthly

I think I am going to keep going with my subscription to the Keto Krate box, and I will tell you why for me, it is worth the money.

I am (as we all are) an extremely busy mom/grandma and business owner.  I RARELY take time for myself, let alone take anytime for self-care or self indulgence.

When I get my Keto Krate show up to my door every month, I have been feeling kind of … special? – like I took a some time to take care of me for a change.

Ane I’m worth it!!!!

Trying to stay keto the last 6 months for me has been a challenge.

I have a hard time to take the extra minutes to cook myself healthy low carb food when I am feeding the family.  I try to plan meals so that we can all eat the main protein item (meat or eggs) and then I can do a side of pasta/rice/potato for them a while I have some kind of low carb option.

It’s also hard when they get special treats like on movie nights (or birthday parties) and I don’t get to participate in that. So having different snack options is a definite bonus.

I will be perfectly honest with you, in the January and February boxes, there were a few things that weren’t really to my taste, but most everything in the box, I have eaten and enjoyed.

Having these treats available to me is really great because half the time I just need to find something that I can grab and go.

There are 13 different products in the March Keto Krate.

Here is a list of what’s in this months box:

Kiss my Keto Chocolate Coconut Bar (@kissmyketo)⁣.  Here is where you can go to get the Kiss my Keto products if you love this item and would like to re-order.  If you use this code –> AHWHDISCOUNT you get a 10% discount.

Atkins Lemon Bar ( @atkinsnutritionals)⁣.  Atkins has some great bars for a grab and go quick snack or meal.  They have an entire page on Amazon. I’ve tried several of the Atkins bars and they are quite tasty.  In Canada you can order Atkins products from< The Low Carb Grocery.

Smart Baking Company Cinnamon SmartCake⁣⁣ (@smartbakingcompany )  I’ve never tried any of the Smart Baking Company products and so I am VERY excited to try this cake. I’ve heard great things about them.   You can go directly to their website here, or to order Smart Cakes in Canada, you can get them at The Low Carb Grocery, in the U.S. you can also order from the Smart Baking Company page on Amazon

Curly Girlz Dark Chocolate Coffee Toffee (@curlygirlzmn_) ⁣⁣ ⁣I saw this package and my mouth started watering.  It’s combining two of my favorite things (chocolate and coffee).  I can hardly wait to try it and will update you on social media after I have.

Skinny Salamis Black Angus Beef Sticks@skinnysalamis I believe I’ve had one of these beef sticks in a previous box, it was a bit dry for my liking, but I will let you know how this one is when I taste it.

Gorilly Goods Savory Pumpkin Seeds & Kale⁣⁣ ⁣(@gorillygoods) This looks interesting!

Ketond Chocolate Fudge Brownie Keto Shake ⁣⁣ ⁣(@ketondsupplements) I love trying new shakes (even though I don’t drink them often) because they are quick and easy to grab.  Right now, on the Ketond site, they are having a St. Patricks Day sale and you can get an additional 20% off.

Ultima Replenisher Fruit-Flavored Electrolyte Drink Sticks ⁣ (@goultima ) I love the idea of these Electrolyte Drink Sticks for two reasons.  We all know I struggle to get enough water intake, and secondly with the warmer summer temperatures coming it is important to stay hydrated and keep you eletrolytes up.  You can get these on Amazon.

Nugo Nutrition Slim Brownie Crunch Bar⁣ (@nugonutrition) Anything chocolate these days has my interest!  It looks like a quick grab and go and I love the convenience of that.  I can hardly wait to taste this one.   I notice on the Nugo website that they have a link for Nugo Canada.

The Nutty Gourmet Sea Salt Walnuts⁣ ⁣(⁣@thenuttygourmet_) These look really interesting.  I actually eat a lot of nuts, so I am sure I will enjoy these.  You can check them out further on their website at The Nutty Gourmet

Porking Good White Cheddar Pork Rinds (@porkkinggood)  I’ve never been one for pork rinds until I started eating a low carb lifestyle.  When we have nachos for the family, I substitute the nacho chips for pork rinds.  I am very interested to taste pork rind in different flavors, these ones are white cheddar, but I see they also have onion and sour cream available.   It may very well take care of my salty snack cravings.  Will keep you posted, in the meantime you can check them out more on their website.

Skout Back Country Spicy Texas Chili Pumpkin Seeds  ⁣(⁣@skoutbackcountry)  These may be great to add into a salad or just as a snack.  This might be slightly hot for my taste, but I see they have many flavors of pumpkin seeds available.  Hmm could be another great salty snack, these are available on

Just the Cheese Mild Cheddar Cheese Bar (@crunchyjtc)  This is another product that I’ve never heard of before.  You can buy them on


New Keto Friendly Snacks Each Month

The point of me sharing what’s inside the box with you is just to give you an idea of what you’ll get.  The products change every month, and the whole point of the subscription box is to give you different low carb, gluten free keto friendly products to try.

This way you can find new things you love with out paying for an entire huge box of them.

As I mentioned earlier, I am keeping the subscription for now because it is a way to show myself that I actually care about me!!  And that taking care of me and my health is a top priority.  (It’s like I’m sending myself a little appreciation of love)

If you’re interesting in the Keto Krate, you can simply sign up through my link at, and get a little bit off your first box, just as a thank you for trying it out.  If you’re not interested in keeping the box, just cancel before the next month is shipped.

I’d love to hear what you think about it.


Talk soon,




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