11 Mom Problems I Have ~ And How I Cope with the Daily Struggles

Probably my biggest commitment of all time is choosing to be a mom.  A Mom to MANY as I often hashtag my Instagram posts.  I like the term “Mom to many” much better than the many other labels society give me.

That said, I do have a house full of children that I love dearly, and I am committed to each and every one of them.  But some days I feel like absolutely pulling my hair out and going to drown my sorrows in a huge bag of potato chips. 

Being mom and grandma (Amma) to children ranging in age from 2 years old all the way well into adult hood can be quite challenging.  Today, I thought I would share a laugh with some of my mom problems and what I do to cope with it all (beside binge eating potato chips).

How I can even find ways to laugh and be joyful in a very often chaotic home.

My Top Mom Problems

Let’s start with the littles, shall we?

  1. When your toddlers say your name 3258 times in one day, or for that matter repeat the same sentence 853 times in a row
  2. Walking into a room and having 4 different little voices ask me for 4 different things all at the same time (I often refer to myself not as Mom or Amma, but more as “Hey Snack lady…”)
  3. When I have approximately 97 small toy cars on my living room floor, but have 4 toddlers all fighting over the exact same one!
  4. Feeling exhausted 24/7 and at this point not even trying to hide it.
  5. My toddlers are “joiners”  – When one starts screaming, they all start screaming! When one starts running, they all start running.  When one of them wants more water, the other 3 have to have some too. When one starts singing Baby Shark …..  (Amma leaves to take the Miss Molly out for a pee lol)
  6. Having 4 toddlers in diapers/pull-ups all at the same time and having a bout of diarrhea in the house (OOOOOOHHHH NOOOOOO)


I also have a few tweens….

  1. When your daughter makes her first trip to the mall without you and has decided that she is gonna need at least $180 for the two hour adventure.
  2. When your son thinks it’s fun to get all 4 toddlers fighting amongst themselves by referring to everything as his! …. “no it’s my car, no she’s my amma, no it’s my Shreddies” and then having a shit ass grin on his face when all of the toddlers join in and end up in angry tears!
  3. Giving the older children daily chores to help free up some of your time, and then finding out that they only know how to wipe around things on the counter (heaven forbid actually putting something away for a change), or sweep the middle of the kitchen where the dirt does not hide….  Going back and doing it yourself to save a meltdown.
  4. Going into the bathroom every single day to put the cap back on the toothpaste.
  5. Showing me the school notice that they need to wear a certain color shirt for school spirit day…. at 8:30 the night before when all my toddlers are fast asleep.


So those are just a few fun examples of my first world mom problems.  I say fun because although they are not fun when I am going through a day of screaming and yelling, in the grand scheme of things I must remember these are things that I can look back on and laugh.

I won’t get into the more serious stuff that happens regularly, like having my home broken into (more than once) by some returning kids looking to see what they can grab.  Or when I have regular appointments with 3 different pediatricians and numerous specialist and therapist to help my children succeed and deal with their special needs.  That’s another post for another day…

How Do I Cope?


Quite honestly, many days not very well at all.  That’s where the binge eating of comfort food comes in.  Maybe your comfort is drinking wine, but you get the idea lol.

I’m BIG on laughter being a cure.  It doesn’t matter what I can laugh about it elevates my mood and increases my state of well being.  Often I have to take a minute away from the children to regroup and regain my emotional control.

If I can also make what ever is going on fun for the kids, it helps.  I get a lot less tantrums and a lot more smiles.

I actually use YOU for this on social media, especially Instagram.  I search out funny mom stuff, mom problems, mom struggles, toddler memes and the like.  I especially LOVE the memes that I can relate to about parenting and raising kids, having a really shitty day and wanting to drink wine at 8:00 AM.

YOU are my tribe and my kind of moms.  We don’t do everything perfectly, but we do get it all done… eventually!

Let’s grow our mom tribe together.  Connect with me on any of the social media platforms, and we can share crazy stories, happy moments, frustrating moments and moments that make us think we’re going crazy.

I would absolutely enjoy connecting with you on social media. Find me here:

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Most of all we can share the joy in the journey of parenting, because honestly when the kids are grown, we will all look back on this and just smile with a heart full to overflowing.

Talk soon,




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