Starting a New Chapter In Life and 50 Things I Want to Achieve.

I’m Turning 50 Years Old….

50 Years Old!  Wow that’s a huge “Milestone” — Half a Century!! 

I know many people have a super hard time with these milestone kind of birthdays.  One of my dearest friends was absolutely devastated over her 50th birthday.  For a long time she wanted to run away and hide, it was really hard for her.  She thought turning 60 was much easier, and didn’t have a hard time with that one at all.

I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating and reflecting over the fact that this birthday has been very very quickly approaching.  I will be fifty years old (the BIG 5-0) on tomorrow….

And I’m okay with it.

In fact, I’m actually looking forward to this next chapter of my life.

This is January of 2020.  It’s a brand new decade, and a brand new chapter in life.  It seems like the best time for me to see things as they are now, and where I want for them to be in the next 5 or 10 years. Continue reading

Before and After Weight Loss Success: My 4 Year Health Journey

It was 4 Years Ago that I Began this Weight Loss Journey for My Health

It was in August of 2015 that I started my weight loss journey to improve my health.  I had made the decision to try one more time.   Because basically I felt like if I didn’t do something, I may not be around for another 5 years.

I was tipping the scales at well OVER 330 Pounds. 

I had given up and I was feeling really lost.

Over the years, I had tried everything and failed.  When I was at this weight I had totally given up on myself.  I wasn’t even trying to attempt to eat healthy.

This was me, at a family dinner the night before I started this journey.

My self talk in those days were things like “OMG you look like a beached whale” and many other things that weren’t that kind. Continue reading

Summer Boredom: Boredom Busters for Kids

Summer is here, kids are out of school.  For my older kids, this means automatically:

Mom, I’m bored!!!

I had/have them registered in summer camps.  This give them fun activities to do so they aren’t just sitting on their tablets the entire summer lol.  I also had them registered in 4 sessions of swimming lessons that run daily through out the summer.

Continue reading

Are you a Positive Role Model? Find a Role Model or Mentor

What or Who Motivates You? (and Why?)

  • What do you love to do?
  • What kinds of things do you love to follow on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and other Social Media?
  • Who inspires you to do better, or do more?

These are some questions that have really been going through my head lately as I think about my own life.

More and more, I want to get around people that inspire me to be better.  Do better for myself and do better for my family.

RANT: I am so tired of all the negativity on social media. It seems like everyone is “airing their dirty laundry” and trying to create drama.

The problem of negative energy on social media is getting bigger and bigger.  I feel like we need to really work to put more good vibes, and positive energy out there.  It’s important for everyone, but especially our younger generations.

I do believe we all need an ear or a confidant when we are going through something, that will listen to us, be a sounding board and point us in the right direction.

I DO NOT believe that person will be found by posting all the negative hater stuff on social media.  In fact, I think in most cases that only perpetuates the thing.

Say what you will.  Agree, or disagree – that’s just the way I think about things.

I have been trying to get around more people who know that they are here a purpose, and live every day moving forward to serve others.

  • Other inspiring business owners
  • Other aspiring bloggers
  • Other amazing (and exhausted) moms of littles
  • Other midlife moms trying to figure it out
  • Other women trying to get healthy

These are all people that inspire me.  I may see something on social media that sparks and idea for me, or I may see someone that I want to reach out and encourage them for making a difference or whatever the case.

I try to feed my brain positive healthy food every single day. I either watch positive videos that inspire, motivate, or teach me something.  Or, I read something uplifting that will fill my mind, or at minimum I spend my time watching something that will make me laugh.

I’d much fill my brain with positive energy than go binge watching a season of whatever is currently popular on Netflix, and then feeling guilty and/or overwhelmed that I spent so much time on Netflix.

I believe what the world (or at least MY world) needs is more people supporting each other and lifting each other up. 

We all need to find a tribe that will inspire us, and lift us up. So how do we start doing this?

Be a Role Model (Who do YOU Inspire?)

Most days, I don’t feel much like a role model. I don’t know what being a role model is suppose to “feel” like, I think maybe it is suppose to feel like someone who has their shit together a bit more than I do?


I KNOW I am a role model.

I’m a role model to my kids.  I always try to lead by example.  I try to model to them the kind of behavior that I want to see in them.  I use real life examples and moments to find a way to teach them.  I try to be someone they can look up to and come to for advice.  I want them to feel safe in our relationship and like I always have time for them.

I try to be my best self for my kids.

I am BY NO MEANS perfect, many days I feel like a complete failure.  But I don’t think kids need perfect moms.  – I think they need moms that are here everyday showing up and present in their lives.  I think that it’s good that they see I’m not perfect, and when I do something wrong – I apologize for it and we carry on.

I’m a role model to my friends and my family. I am kind of the “go-to” gal. I want to inspire, serve and lead by example.

I am a role model to women struggling to lose weight.  Because it’s something that I have gone through and AM going through.  Again, I’m not perfect and I think I will always be looking to improve my health and keep my weight at a reasonable amount for me.

I’m probably a role model for others too, I just don’t know about it. You never know who is watching and being inspired by something you do.

Who are YOU are a role model for?

What does role model mean?

The definition of a role model is: “A person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.

That definition doesn’t include anything about being perfect, or not making mistakes.

What I take that to mean is that a role model is really someone who is striving for success in an area of their life.  A person who’s attitude and behavior is such that it inspires other to be more.

I believe we all need to strive to be a positive role model to someone.  

  • to our kids
  • to our social media
  • to our co-workers
  • to our colleagues
  • to our friends and family


Find a Role Model or Mentor

In addition to being a positive light in the world, it is super important to have some of your own mentors, or role models that you can get around.

How to choose a role model?

  1. What are you interested in? Deciding what you are interested in is the first big step.  What you want to learn more about, or Who you want to emulate.
  2. Do a search.  t’s easy to do a search on Instagram, Youtube or Facebook to find information on that thing.
  3. Find your tribe.  Start getting around people that are interested in the same things, or are aspiring to reach the same goals as you.  Find groups that will lift you up and teach you, then participate in those groups.
  4. Start looking for free content.  Most mentors, or thought leaders will have a bunch of free content posted online.  This is a great place to start.
  5. Find your match.  When you do find some mentors that you really connect with, start to dig a little deeper into the information that they offer.  Maybe they have enough free stuff, or you may want to buy something from them to help get you further faster.

Who are my favorite Mentors?

I have several mentors that I follow, and as I mentioned earlier I try to listen to something from them every day.

For me, being around these mentors (and the like minded people I find in their audience) is necessity to raise my energy level, keep moving forward in my journey and keep all the negativity out.

I have a few memberships that I pay for more in-depth training and mentoring, but much of what I follow is free or very little cost (like purchasing an  audio book, or regular print book).

My Morning Mentor – This is a quick 3-5 minute morning video to get your day started.  I joined this program a few years ago when I was really stuck in what felt like a in deep hole of darkness.  What Mary taught and said, helped pull me out of that dark place.  Go check out her FREE video course and see if she is a match for you.

Lynn Terry from ClickNewz – Lynn has been the lady that I have followed for well over a decade.  She is a great coach, mentor and friend.  Lynn teaches very practical sustainable ways to build your business online, and offers hands-on help.  Her advice is easy to follow and on point with what works today.  She is a GREAT fit for stay at home moms who are trying to build a business so they don’t have to go back to work.

Lynn Terry is also The Low Carb Traveler and who inspired me to adopt the low carb/keto lifestyle almost 4 years ago.  With her help and guidance  I was able to lose 150 plus pounds.   She runs a 90 day challenge group that you can learn more about here (a new challenge just started).

Brendon Burchard is the High Performance coach.  He offers a TON of free content on how to live a life that matters in both your professional and personal life.   I just love following him.

One tool  that I use daily from Brendon (beside the amazing amount of free content he gives) is his High Performance planner.  Using the planner this year is really helping me to stay focused.    He does offer coaching and online learning as well (and I am a part of his high performance coaching group)

Who inspires you?  Do you have any great mentors that you’d like to share?  I would love to hear about them.

I would love to build my tribe of moms, business women, and inspiring ladies who struggle but are determined to keep pushing forward, join me won’t you?  Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter |LinkedIn


Let’s find some joy and laughter in life together and then spread it around the world.



Talk soon,




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Welcome to The Second Half of the Year

Yesterday was July 4th in the USA, we also just finished up our Canada day celebration on July 1st.

Can you believe the the year of 2019 is already half way gone?!

I find that really hard to believe.  People always told me not to wish my life away, the older you get the faster it goes.  Well now that I’m almost 50, I totally agree with that statement.

It seems as each year goes by the time moves faster and faster, and I’m trying to cram more into a shorter space.  I know that I have the same number of hours in a day as I did when I was 20 but it just doesn’t feel the same at all.

Do you agree? Continue reading