We Only Have 100 Days Left in 2018

As I write this quick blog post, it is September 20.

September 22 marks only 100 days remaining in 2018, AND we are only 10 days away from the beginning of Q4.  The last and busiest quarter of the 2018.

We all know it’s traditionally the start of the busiest shopping season, but that’s not even so much what I’m talking about here.

The Busiest Time of Year for Moms

As moms we are already strapped for time.  Kids are back in school, and many of them are back in after school activities as well.  You still have to keep the house up, work on your home business (if you have one) or go to regular job, find time for relationships and work on your own personal goals. [click to continue…]

I was reminded by a friend the other day about the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.  I’d listened to this audio book a couple times.  Once in February, and once in May.

I found it to be super helpful with what I was struggling with at the time.   Mel drove home the point that it’s not about how to get motivated, because I’m probably never going to feel like doing something.  I just need to do it anyway.  Problem was:   I didn’t take a lot of action ( or at least it didn’t last for more than a few days).

I purchased the audible version of it because I often like to listen while I’m doing other things (driving, folding laundry, playing a mindless game before bed). [click to continue…]

I am coming up on my 3 year health anniversary of keto weight loss (Friday August 3rd) for changing my life, eating low carb/keto, and putting my health first.

Last year, I had gotten about 13 pounds within the goal that I had originally set for myself.  And that goal was to become my “Better Half” – meaning I wanting to lose exactly half of my body weight. [click to continue…]

In The Midst of Chaos, Clutter and Struggle

Life is busy – we all know this, I’m not telling you anything new.

I am a midlifer, caregiver, mom, grandma, daughter, friend, business owner, dog owner, and the list could go on.

We all have these different hats that we wear.  We all have responsibilities, commitments and obligations.

  • We want to be available for our children, grandchildren, parents, extended family
  • We want to be in good health as we age
  • We want to be financially secure
  • We want to be awesome and well established in our career
  • We want to be a fabulous homemaker, cook, and organizer
  • We want to be able to offer help to others by giving back to our community and/or church

[click to continue…]

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