Welcome to The Second Half of the Year

Yesterday was July 4th in the USA, we also just finished up our Canada day celebration on July 1st.

Can you believe the the year of 2019 is already half way gone?!

I find that really hard to believe.  People always told me not to wish my life away, the older you get the faster it goes.  Well now that I’m almost 50, I totally agree with that statement.

It seems as each year goes by the time moves faster and faster, and I’m trying to cram more into a shorter space.  I know that I have the same number of hours in a day as I did when I was 20 but it just doesn’t feel the same at all.

Do you agree?

6 Month Goal Review

I really do NOT want to end 2019 in the same position as I started the year.  I want to feel like I have made some progress in my business, in my health, and in my life.  Right now is a really good time to do a review of the goals or intentions that were set for the year in January.

What were you goals on January 1st?

As I look back in my notes and plans in January, I didn’t actually sit down and PLAN out what I wanted to accomplish each month in the different areas of my life.  I made the big overall statements (like we all do) but didn’t actually go into detail and planning with dates of what I want to accomplish and by when.

My Health and Weight goals. 

I am using my health and weight goals because it is an easy example and one that many people can relate to.

I said in January that “I want get back into keto and want to drop the pounds that I have gained over the last 4 months.”  So here I am half way through the year and I am overall down 10 pounds (which may sound decent).  

But in-between January and now, I have lost that same 10 pounds twice!!

Instead of setting a very specific goal and a very specific target date, and HOW I was going to get it done, I waffled back and forth and allowed my emotions to control the food that I put into me.

I’m kind of kicking myself now – because I know better.  But there’s sense in crying over spilled milk (as the saying goes).  Nothing is a fail if you learn something with it and along the way.

At the end of May, I made 4 very specific action steps for my weight loss, how I was going to get and stay in Ketosis.  Guess what?  I was able to stick to them and in June, I lost about 6.5 pounds.

For July, my “goal” is to lose a minimum of 5 pounds before July 31.  I have my very specific action plan of tracking my food, using MCT oil and Nut Butter packets to increase my fat intake, and drinking more water.

Am I going to hit my target? 

Damn straight I am! 

I’m fired up about it.  I’ve started to gain the forward momentum that is so hard to achieve in the beginning.

It’s about STARTING, and then being CONSISTENT, CELEBRATING THE WINS, and having a specific goal with a concrete date, and action plan.

Although I have been planning (using my High Performance Planner) and being more diligent over the last several months, I was missing a few steps.

I am great at “starting”, and I’m even not bad at celebrating my small victories (although I’m working on this area too).

The things that I really suck at are being consistent and setting clearly defined goals with a concrete day to have that goal completed and some accountability.

My consistent result show that I am very inconsistent with the follow through.  (pun intended).  This is in all areas of my life, not just my health and weight goals that I am using as an example.

What ends up happening is that although I am extremely busy, I have not set the specific action plan, and so I am not seeing the specific results.

I have great goals – and then life throws me a curve (as it always does), and the goals get put on a back burner while I deal with the crisis at hand.

Once the crisis is past, then I get back to the goals.  By that time I have often lost a month or two of time.  In addition to the time I’ve lost, I have also lost any feeling of momentum and accomplishment.  I feel like I’m starting over from scratch every … single…. time this happens!

If I had an actionable plan with baby monthly, weekly and daily steps of what i need to do in order to meet my target, I feel like that will allow me to be productive on the things that are important and priority to me.

Goals and Action Plan Steps for the next 6 months

I have been listening and learning a lot from Brendon Burchard.  He puts out amazing free content and videos daily that are really helping me see clearly what I need to do to move to the next level of High Performance.  You can join him at @HPXLife on Instagram to follow along.

He talks about breaking goals down into actionable steps and what will need to be accomplished each day, week, month to achieve the outcome that you want to see.

In his High Performance Planner, he has a “Month at a Glance” monthly overview calendar to map out what needs to be done.

So that is my job for today.

I am writing out what I want to accomplish before the end of the year – then breaking it down into dated actionable steps that must be accomplished in order to achieve the outcome I am looking for.

The other suggestion is making a board and listing the action steps.  Then placing that board somewhere that you see it everyday all day as a reminder and work in progress.

As you can see, I’ve started with specific action plan for each of 6 areas of my month.  I will put this up where I see it SEVERAL times each day.


I AM going to see results by the end of year, and I AM going to be accountable here.  My hope is that it will help other moms struggling, and it will also help me stay accountable.

I will see you back here at the beginning of August when I review the goals that I am creating today.  These goals will be stretched out through to the end of the year, but each month I will get very detailed with dates and actions steps.


It’s time for me to double down on focused energy, and focused effort through to the end of 2019.

Are you with me?  If you are, grab a copy of the High Performance Planner and let’s get busy!


Talk Soon,




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