3 Reasons Why I Decided To Start Instagram (After All This Time)

I did it, I took the plunge and started an Instagram account!

Instagram has been around since 2010, so why is it now 2016 and I am just getting started?  Instagram is a social media app used for photo sharing, and is wildly popular.  So why is it that I am getting started after 5+ years of seeing others use it?  

I’ll start with the reasons that I haven’t been on Instagram:

  1. smart-phone-stupidWell for starters, as my kids would attest to, I am TERRIBLY STUPID.. Not Smart  when it comes to using a smart phone.  Heck, I am just now learning how to send an image through a text message, or upload something into messenger!!
  2. I just recently upgraded my phone.  A few months ago, I finally upgraded my phone to a Galaxy S6.  Before then, my phone was almost 4 years old and didn’t really have a lot of functionality.
  3. The problem for me with Instagram is that is a “mobile only” app.  That means basically that you have to use it from your phone, that was a huge problem for me lol :p

So basically, here I am a Total Instagram Newbie.


I am forcing myself to use become Tech Savvy on my Smart Phone.  I am making myself use it everyday and all the time.  It’s actually becoming fun!  My friends and family are starting to comment and notice that I’m “on that phone again”.  LOL!  (I secretly enjoy this as it makes me feel like a youngun 😉 )

For the most part, the Instagram crowd is the younger generation.  They do absolutely everything on their mobile device.  I guess I’m a bit old school that way, but I AM learning.  I have functioned totally fine for several years here on my desktop where I know what I am doing and using my house phone if I need to make a call!

3 Reasons Why I Finally Decided to Hop on Instagram?!

  1. I’ve never really liked to share a lot of pictures up until now.  It’s 2016, and I am changing a lot of things in my world as I grow and change into this healthy lifestyle and empty nest.  It just seems like a great way to share that with you all.
  2. I got this new fancy “Smart” phone.  As part of that I am determined to overcome my old school mentality and keep up with the times, lol.
  3. It is an increasingly great way to connect with your audience, where they are.  Because it is photo sharing, people can gather information quickly from almost anywhere and keep in touch with family, friend, business colleagues and the like.

Instagram-profileI am finding that I enjoy posting little bits and pieces that are of interest to me, and my readers.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, a few minutes morning and night is allowing me to accomplish daily updates and keeping in touch with users.

It’s Lonely Out There!

Here is the part where I ask for your help  I would love if you would come and follow me.  It’s kind of lonely there at the moment: @athomewithheather.

My goal is to have a following of 500 by the end of the first quarter. I think that is very realistic.

Are you on Instragram?  Let’s connect 🙂




Talk soon,





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