Back to School: Tops Ten Reason Moms Are Happy Dancing

When school is out for summer in June everyone is super excited, even us moms. No more making lunches every day, mo more trying to wake kids up, drive them to school on time, homework, and blah blah on and on.

We get to do some fun things for our kids, take them on vacation, maybe camping, maybe visiting grandparents or aunts and uncles. We’ve got it planned out how summer is going to go, and we are excited.

By about the third week of summer (that just an approximation from the way it works in my house),  Moms start counting days. How many days until kids go back to school. By the fourth week of summer, we start praying and making empty promises in exchange for time to speed up.  And last week, was the official week where moms start ripping out their hair!!

  • Kids are bored
  • The house is a disaster
  • We’ve run out of “fun” activities long long ago
  • Kids are BORED
  • If you’re a working mom, that makes life even more of a challenge in the summer
  • Kids miss their friends (who all seem to be busy)
  • Summer camps are over
  • If you have to tell them one more time to put their dishes away….. $#@** gonna hit the fan!!!


Welcome September, school and schedules


Happy DanceSo here is my official top 10 list of reasons moms are doing the Back to School Happy Dance.

  1. Schedules!  You remember those things we were so glad to take a break from back in June?  Please, please can we get back to a regular schedule!
  2. Bedtimes.  Although staying up for movie night, fireworks, campfires or whatever else you had going on this summer is fun to a point.  I sure like that hour at the end of the day when the kids are tucked into bed and Moms get to just breathe
  3. Time to get stuff done.  Having kids in school gives us a chance to get the shopping done, get the house cleaned up, get back to a regular day!!
  4. Time for Moms.  No it’s not selfish to take some “Mom Time”, go for lunch with your friends, maybe make an appointment for a mani/pedi do something nice for mom!!!  We deserve it!!!back2school
  5. Friends.  For my kids it seems like everyone is away or doing other activities.  They have had limited time with friends which increases their boredom.
  6. Teachers.  As much as kids say they don’t like going to school, they do!!  Having awesome teachers to help our kids learn makes moms do a happy dance!  #teachersrock
  7. Activities. They will stop saying “I’m bored” every 10 minutes non-stop through out the day.
  8. The house stays clean.  for more than 10 minutes anyway lol!
  9. They aren’t CONSTANTLY fighting with one another.  By the end of summer (at least in my house) sibling fighting is enough to drive any sane mom bat crap crazy!!!
  10. The house is peaceful for a full 6 hours a day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my girls AND I loved the break from routine.  But I have to say that I am sooooo ready for September, schools and schedules.

Because I work with mostly special needs kids, planning has always been key in running a successful school year. There are always extra appointments with the schools, doctors, after school activities, birthday parties and the whole shebang. I have always found that a good planner is helpful. I like to be able to color code activites for each family member and add stickers. Keeping the planner in a very visible place in the kitchen also helps my kids to stay on track. I’ve used the More Time Moms in years past and I think they are really good.

What about you?  Are you happy for back to school, or sad that summer is coming to an end?

Talk soon,




P.S. – If you’re looking to check out the More Time Moms, here is my link to the planner.

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