Visit to My Doc and Special Birthday Celebration

I did have my doctor’s appointment yesterday to get the results from the blood-work I had done last week. Being “pre-diabetic” I am required to get my sugars tested once every three months. I also had him test my cholesterol this time so that I have a base line to compare it in future.

Well The Results Are In:

I have been working this way of eating (low carb, high fat) for only 1 months. I started on August 3rd. So really when I got my blood work taken, I had only been on this for about 25 days out of the 3 month period. In that time I had adjusted my Metformin from 2 tabs a day down to one (without my doctors knowledge or instruction).

Last time, so at the end of May my sugars were at 7.6. 6 months ago they were at 8.2 and that’s when he put me on the Metformin.

This time my sugars were at 7.2!! and that is on 1/2 the amount of Metformin. YAY!!!! I’m thrilled with that result.

My doctor was also very pleased. I explained to him what I had been doing and that I had reduced my medication. He said that what I am doing seems to be working, so keep it going!!! He did say that at some point I might need some carbs. I explained to him that I am still eating carbs but just keeping it at 20 net carbs a day. This way I can get my veggies and salads in. He was then completely pleased.

I now have a baseline for my cholesterol’s and he said we would check those again in 6 months, but as my sugars drop and my weight drops he is confident that they will also come into a normal range. They are not high right now but slightly above normal.

Doctor says to stay on the 1 pill/day of the Metformin, and if the next time I get tested my sugars have come under 7 I get to do away with them completely. Which is one of my goals. I am on 3 different medications that I want to get rid of on the journey to health.  My next test is the end of November.  I am SO gonna be way under 7!!

WOOOHOOO I am happy with that.

Now on to the special birthday celebration….

Today is my dear Mother’s Birthday. Happy Birthday MOM!!!


My mother is one of the most important people in my world. She has always set the best example of what a mother should be.   She has been there for my brother, sister and I through this and thin.  We are a very close family and pull together for everything.  I could not imagine having a different mom.  Love you to the moon and back mom!

It was a wonderful day because with the kids back in school, my mom, my sister and I got to go for lunch. This was one of the rare occasions when we get to just talk and visit with out the kids around. We went for lunch to Earl’s. I had some coupons that were given to me by my dentist (thanks Dr. Paul you’re the best). Silly me, took a pic of my meal, but forgot to take a birthday pic of my mom. This one is of my mom, sister and I at Easter.


This was the first time I have eaten out since I have started this WOE. Normally I would have the burger, with fries and gravy. AND eat it all gone. Today, I chose the grilled chicken ceasar salad without any croutons or the side bread. It was delicious, but I could have done with a larger plate full.  When not filling up on the carbs, it is important to still get enough food.   My sister kept looking at me funny with her sandwich (huge bun) and fries.  It was kind of …  funny? (backwards is maybe a better word choice)  to me because as you can tell from the picture, she is the slim one that has always been watchful, and even today did end up taking home half of her plate.

I have to say it was a bit tempting not to reach over and grab “just a few” of her fries… but I didn’t!! I stayed the course and kept to my meal. I kind of feel like if I let even a few fries in,  they will yell to their friends to come join them!! So I’m just not gonna do it… not even one! After I have lost a bunch more, and I am a bunch healthier, I may allow the occasional splurge, but not now!!

Has been a wonderful couple of days, back to school and schedules which is fine by me. Now that it’s September, I really have to gear up for Quarter Four. I will reveal the plan that I am using to do that in my next post. Now is really the time to just start pushing HARD until the end of the year. My most favorite time of the year online.

Talk soon,




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