Healthy Weight Loss: Week 4 Update

I have been struggling with my weight for my entire life.  It’s one thing to lose weight, it can be a totally different story to have a Healthy Weight Loss.  It’s funny because it’s not something I like to talk about.  Like if I didn’t talk about it people won’t notice (duh!) and I wouldn’t be so ashamed, lol.

I am still ashamed of how far I had let myself go. I kept saying well once I get through “this crisis”, I will really start eating better. But then along would come the next crisis and another 10 pounds…. vicious circle.

Blogging about it and sharing my journey with you each week is actually helping me, and I hope eventually it will help others as well.

I have been eating low carb high fat for 4 weeks today. In that time I have lost a total of 20.8 pounds!

So far it has been pretty easy to “stick to”. I really need to get myself healthy. I am 45 years old, and just coming into the “Empty Nest” stage of my life. I want to be able to enjoy all of the empty nest/work from home freedoms that will soon be available to me. That includes not being worried about being able to get through a large airport without serious difficulties due to my size and out of shape body.

This past week was a week of plateau for me. I was going up and down like a yo-yo on my morning weigh in. I know this is totally to be expected. Losing 20 pounds in my first 3 weeks was A LOT for my body to manage. It’s just taking some time to catch-up. So overall this past week I was only down a total of .3 pounds. And that’s okay with me. The last couple of days I am headed down again on the scales.

But it’s also more than just the scales. People are starting to notice, and asking about my lifestyle choice (which is thrilling to me). So just to recap my journey so far, you can follow along with these blog posts:

If you want to understand more about why I believe eating low carb high fat is a Healthy Weight Loss choice for me, you can get a lot of great information from watching the following YouTube videos.  Dr. Sarah Hallberg is the medical director of IU Health Arnett’s medical weight-loss program, and has been doing a lot of research and working with patients in her clinic that are showing awesome results.

This 3 part series really gets into explaining eating Low Carb and how it relates to weight loss.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Following this way of eating may not be right for everyone, but so far I seem to be really benefiting from it.

I had my regular 3 month blood work done last week and go to get the results for it later this week. I am really looking forward to seeing what the results of it are. One of my first goals is to get off the Metformin medication that I have been on for a few months now and be able to control my blood sugar/insulin levels 100% through my healthy choices.

Fingers Crossed!

My three September Goals are:

  • Lose another 10 – 15 pounds
  • Start exploring a few more Low Carb recipes so I don’t get super bored with what I’m eating.
  • Check into what the deal is with Coconut Oil, and how I could benefit from it.

I have been taking this journey with my mom, who is also adopted the LCHF Way of Eating (She is also doing amazingly well). As well I am in a really active Facbook group, 90 Day Low Carb Challenge that provides all kinds of knowledge and support.  It is really helpful do have a buddy, so thanks mom <3 !


Talk soon,




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