My Low Carb Journey: Week Two Update

Alright so….

I started a new WOE (Way of Eating) 2 weeks ago today.   One of my goals and plans is to get healthy enough to really be able to enjoy my upcoming empty nest lifestyle.

I have always been overweight but over the course of the last 10-12 years I have really let my self get to that “extreme” that is no longer even comfortable to be in my own skin.   I’ve been telling myself for several years that after my kids are taken care of and it is just me, I would really need to work on getting healthy and dropping  the insane amount of weight that I have put on.

The last time I saw the “100’s” on my bathroom scale was sometime in my early twenties.  That’s pretty sad when I think about it.

I am very much a stress/comfort eater.  I also do anything I can to avoid conflict or confrontation.  So what became a very nasty habit was shoving down my emotions and my feeling every night before I went to sleep with a bag of chips.

It was easier for me to cope with life that way.  I would tell my self it has been a tough day…. “I deserve this”.  When really the only person that I have been hurting is myself.  To the point where now (as I was telling my sister-in-law yesterday) it is difficult for me to even walk through a grocery store.  I have so much extra weight to carry on my legs and that combined with a huge amount of inflammation and swelling makes even walking through a grocery store a huge chore for me.  It’s not even just uncomfortable…. it’s painful!!

Wow – this is so embarrassing for me to write about…. I hope this will eventually helps someone.  But for now, it’s helping me, to be accountable and blog about this journey every Monday.


I can’t wait to take care of myself any longer! My time is now!!  And even though I am still pre-empty nest, starting now is the step I need to take in the right direction of taking care of me!

As I mentioned, I started a new WOE two weeks ago today, and I am participating in a 90 day low carb challenge.  Here is the link to the Facebook group is you would like to learn more.

Mondays are official weigh in days in this group.  You don’t have to actually post your weight (but you can, it’s a closed group), the weekly weigh-in serves as a place to be accountable to someone other than yourself.  Last week I lost 10.5 pounds (woot, woot) and this week I am down another 6.5 pounds for a total in two weeks of 17 pounds GONE!!

The other benefit of eating this way is that my blood sugars are starting to even out.  I was diagnosed as “prediabetic” about 2 years ago, and actually had to start on Metformin (a very common mediation for type 2 diabetes) to help with my blood sugar levels approximately 6 months ago.

My intent is to ditch that diagnosis AND get off that medication as fast as I can.  I am also taking other medication that I will be planning on losing one by one through out this journey.

It feels different this time, it feels like I’m ready.  I KNOW that I can’t put this off any longer, and I KNOW that I want to enjoy my upcoming empty nest adventures.  I also know that hauling this size ass through an airport (to start my travel plans) to catch a plane is not possible right now.

So  it has to change NOW!!

I’m pretty pleased 17 pounds in two weeks!  WOW!!!  I feeling great, I feel like I have more energy than I have in a long time.  I am sleeping good, and raring to go in the morning!  Lot’s of smiles and happy positive visualization help to keep my eyes on my goals.

There were a few difficult patches this week when normally I would have gone to smother myself in a bag of chips – BUT I  DIDN’T!! 😀 😀   I just kept repeating to myself “You’re worth more than that”, “You eating potato chips isn’t going to do sweet diddly squat to solve the problem”,”You can do it!!!!”…. and I got through it.

This week in the challenge group there is a mini week long challenge of zero carbs.  Normally, the goal is to keep your daily net carbs under 20.  But II think I’m in on this challenge!  I can do it!!!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Talk Soon,




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