Was Amazon Prime Day an Epic Fail?

Is there really going to be an Amazon Prime Day 2?!

So Amazon Prime Day is over, and some feel like it was an Epic Fail, what do you think?

Basically, the deal was that if you have prime (even a 30 day trial of prime) you would get HUGE deals on July 15.  Surfing around, there are so many mixed reviews.

Did you do a lot of shopping on Amazon Prime Day?

That video was so funny, I really thought it was a real thing at first.  When they started announcing the “sales”, I almost spit coffee across my computer screen!

Let me tell you a little secret – I don’t even live in the U.S. and I have Amazon Prime.  I have had for a few years.  Silly right?  Well kind of, but it served a purpose for me in my business a few years back and I just kind of kept it.

When I joined the dot com Amazon Prime a few years back, Amazon.ca was still really in it’s infancy and wasn’t worth much.  I don’t even think Amazon Canada HAD prime back then.

Lately Amazon Canada is really starting to see some improvement on a whole and I am proud to report that I have used them to make several of my recent purchases.  I would really like to see Amazon.ca grow even further.

I did actually do some shopping for some household staple kind of items, as well as some office supplies.  The deals that I found were not that super, but I was going to buy the stuff anyway.  And I love having the free shipping to my door.

Quite frankly we are slightly screwed for shopping in Canada with all of the bigger retail stores jumping ship or shutting down in recent years (ie – Target, Zellers, Kmart).  We don’t have a lot of choice or selection when it comes to shopping in Canada.

I think that shopping Amazon.ca is convenient, easy and the more we can get Canadians using them for their shopping requirements. the bigger it will get and the more cost effective it will become.

I live in a city that is around 70-80 K in population.  The shopping where I live sucks!!!! We are very limited in our shopping here, half the time I feel as though we are back in the 70’s when I was a child and the whole family had to get in the car and go to spend the weekend in Great Falls, MN to do all our school shopping!    It should not be like that in the year 2015 people!!!

Oops, sorry for that little side rant but it’s always been a huge frustration of mine!

Okay, so here’s the deal.   I have cancelled my Amazon Prime membership on the dot com site.  BUT I have joined Amazon Prime in Canada!  And I am really hoping I can get a few other Canadians to join me in doing this.

So what to you get with an Amazon Prime membership?

For Amazon.com you will get:

Amazon Prime Day July 15

For Amazon.ca, the Amazon Prime Membership is only $79 and you get:

Amazon-Prime-CanadaI seriously would do 100% of my shopping online if that was a possibility.  It is just sooo much easier.  And especially in Canada having the Amazon Prime membership is just going to save money in the long run.  I do feel like they need to get the membership up to offering the same “perks” as with the .com membership though (movies and stuff)

If you’ve ever thought about checking out Amazon Prime, they do have the 30 day free trial and you can cancel anytime.

BTW – if you are a parent Amazon Prime gives you even more great savings all year for things like diapers with Amazon Family.

To get started on the 30 day trial for .com go here, and to get started in Canada go here (these are my affiliate links)


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P.S. Maybe they will have an Amazon Prime Day 2 – so we can save even more LOL

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