Cloud Bread Recipe Share: This is How we make Oopsie Bread

Cloud Bread Recipe:  People have been asking me how I make my Cloud Bread.


I don’t, and can’t take any credit for it.

But, my mother who believes in me, and is always very supportive to help me to stay on my program does my baking of cloud bread and other things.


Mom recently made me a huge batch of cloud bread for my freezer (Yes, You can freeze cloud bread!). She also tried a variation on the recipe.

The first is our traditional recipe using Cream Cheese, and the second is using mayonnaise instead of cream cheese. In this post, I will share the recipes for both types of Oopsie Bread, and along with some great pics she took.  Thanks mom!

How to make Cloud Bread

First you separate the eggs.  Whip the eggs whites and cream of tarter together until stiff. (We’ve only ever used Philadelphia Cream Cheese, as it’s the best!)

Whip the eggs whites until stiff

Next you mix the yolks and the cream cheese (or mayo) together in a separate bowl.

Fold the yolk mixture into the whites.

Spoon the batter onto a lined baking sheet and place in the oven.  Each recipe makes 8 round oopsie bread.  Then cook until golden brown.

Here are Cloud Bread Recipes.



I really enjoyed the cloud bread recipe using the mayo.  It’s the first time I’ve tried it.  The cloud bread was really light and fluffy, although both are quite good.

I had the cloud bread last night for supper when we had burgers and salad.  It was YUMMY!!! (P.S. I did pick the croutons out of my salad 😉 )

Keto Newbie Tip:  When I refer to cloud bread and oopsie bread – to me they are interchangeable and talking about the same exact type of bread.

Can You Freeze Cloud Bread?

The question gets asked a lot:  Can you freeze cloud bread?

My opinion after haven tried to freeze both recipes, the recipe with cream cheese and the other with mayo (and no cream cheese). 

I did NOT like the taste of the bread we froze with the Mayo.  It was really kind of disgusting.  That said – when serving the mayo cloud bread fresh, it tasted excellent.

The cloud bread using cream cheese freezes totally fine and this is the way we do it.  I always have cloud bread in the freezer to enjoy when the rest of my family is eating buns or something that I can’t have.

What do you use for your cloud bread?  Do you keep it on hand in the freezer?  When I have a batch of this ready, I am never tempted to just have a regular hamburger bun or piece of bread.

Thanks mom for always being my number one support and for taking time to take all the pictures to share here on the blog.



Talk soon,





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