Best Life

So, I feel like I am on a bit of a strange journey… and I want to share it with you because I’m sure many of us are on this journey.  I’m calling it my Empty Nest Journey. Now that the holiday is over and we are really full swing into the summer months, many [...]

Blogging Brain Farts! We all have them. You sit and stare at a blank screen, hoping for a thought, a tiny piece of inspiration, something…. ANYTHING to write about.  And your brain says NOPE! Not today! Maybe I’ll get an idea if I cruise Facebook for a few minutes (meanwhile an hour passes by and [...]

Being an At Home Entrepreneur requires having the proper mindset for success.  One of my favorite mentors is Tony Robbins.  Watching YouTube videos, reading books and just taking the time to learn the material that Tony has to offer is part of my continued learning.  Take time to make it yours as well! There are [...]

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