When in Doubt, Take a Nap!!


I get in this mini plateaus where it feels like NOTHING is working to drop a pound, and what I lose one day I get back that next.

It is sooo frustrating!!

So that has been the case for the last 2 weeks. I want so desperately to get to a loss of 100 pounds and I am so close. But for the last couple of weeks I have been playing around with the same 2 pounds up and down, up and down! GRRRR!!!!

take-a-napSo on Friday, I happened to get a migraine in the middle of my yoga class. I came home, and decided I had better have a rest just to get the headache to move along.

Well I fell asleep for 3 hours!! Then that evening I slept for another 9. That is totally unlike me. I never am able to take a nap and in fact with I could.

On Saturday when I woke up, I was down to my lowest I have been in probably 15 years!!! I was down a pound over night. This morning I was down another pound!

The two things that I did differently were:

  1. Get a Decent Sleep.  What I had realized is that with all of the “stuff” going on in my life the last few weeks I had probably been only averaging slightly more than 5 hours a night.  I can manage this for a day maybe two, but it had become an ongoing problem.
  2. Drink Adequate Water.  Because I was so tired, I was drinking more coffee and less water, without even realizing it.  Friday and Saturday I made a conscious effort to drink less coffee and more water.

Those two things have seemed to help move me off my plateau.  So I am going to keep doing them.  Minimum 7 hours of sleep, and adequate water.

I know the next question is going to be, “Well how much water is adequate, Heather?”  The answer that my mentor the Low Carb Traveler, Lynn Terry gives is, “Just enough for you”.  So basically there is such a thing as too much water, it’s called water intoxication.  You should drink enough water that your urine is a light yellow.  You don’t want it completely clear, that means you are drinking too much, dark yellow of course is not enough.  She has a really good article on How Much Water is enough.

As for the minimum sleep requirement.  Did you know that your body actually loses weight while you’re sleeping?  This is a huge factor in having a healthy and consistent weight loss.  With our busy lifestyles, it is super easy to forget getting sleep in order to get more of whatever else done during the day.  The problem is that you are less effective anyway, when you do not give you body the amount of sleep it needs.  I have to remind myself of this regularly because I am always trying to skimp in this area.

I am now only 3 pounds away from a full 100 pound loss since August 3rd.  Hoping I can make it there this week!!

Wish me luck! 😉


Talk soon,





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