Super Cool Funny T-Shirts With These Graphic Tees Designs

funny-t-shirt-2A friend (and mentor) of mine, Lynn Terry recently turned me on to these super cute, funny t-shirts and so I just had to share.

There are thousands of different designs, but I picked out a couple that I really like.  I like that you can order in so many different colors and that it has a nice big size range, from Small all the way up to 3X and sometimes even 4X.

I have created a “My Favorites” collection, but for now I am going to start out by just order a couple.

not-shortFirst, I am ordering this one, because well…. speaks for itself!  I am ordering it in purple because I’ve been told that I where all together too much blue (duh, it’s my favorite color).

If you, like me are short AND awesome…. this is the tee for you!

I really like the black writing on the purple t-shirt.


extra-dayI really like this one because – don’t we all need an Extra Day between Saturday and Sunday?  And I’m back to my favorite blue color!

These shirts are made of “preshrunk” cotton, so they shouldn’t shrink much.  However that will always depend on how you care for your laundry.  You don’t want to throw them into the dryer on what they call the “Volcano” setting and then expect it NOT to shrink lol.

I’m going to order these two to start with and see how they wash up and wear, then I will be back to tell you about them.   If I like them a lot, guess what people are getting for Christmas this year?!  (kidding… sort of).  I might even go ahead and design a few graphic tees myself.  🙂

In case you are interested.  This is the sizing chart for these tees/hoodies:

sunfrog-size-chartAnd if you want to check out “My Favorites” Collection just go here.
Talk soon,




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