How to Get Rid of Wasp Nests?


One of the few things that can put a downer on summertime fun.  Especially when you have people in your world that are deathly afraid of them and scream to high heaven any time a wasp enters their 20 foot little safety bubble of personal space!! lol.
wasps3I remember when I  use to go camping a lot with my boys (for years we had a permanent sight and spent most of the summer at the lake) every single meal outdoors was an issue.  The pesky little buggers would swoop in and destroy any kind of fun picnic or BBQ.

Back at home, it seems like almost every year I have a new nest somewhere in my yard.  Some years they don’t bother much and are away from heavy traffic areas, but this year they have made their nest right beside my back door.  The kids scream every time they go outside, and even things like taking the trash out have become  a “hazardous” chore!!.

raid-waspSince the nest is right inside a crack in the wall (going under my sun-room add-on), there is no way to remove it.  I know many people would say just go and by some Raid wasp spray and then go in and spray the nest in the evening.  That’s all fine and good.  I am not squeamish around one or two even a half dozen wasps trying to invade my outdoor BBQ BUT I am not much into angry wasp mobs!

My answer is always to pay the money and call the exterminator.  Because I had 2 nests this year (another right under my sun-room), there was an additional charge so I ended up paying $168.00 just to get rid of them!!

I paid the money of course, I would rather have my family safe and not feeling like they don’t want to be outside, but jeez that that seems like a lot for a some wasps!!!  It would have been much nicer to spend on some enjoyable summertime fun.

I actually asked the question on Facebook the other day, are you a DIYer when it comes to wasp control, or do you call the exterminator.

So now, I’m thinking I want to find something that will prevent them from nesting in my yard to begin with.

I’ve heard that these kind of things work.  If wasps think there is already a nest they will not come and make another one?  I’m doubtful at best.

This Waspinator is a different variety of these “natural deterrents” and actually has some not bad reviews on Amazon.  Maybe it’s worth giving it a try.  waspinator

What I would like to know is how to you deal with these summer time pests?

Have you had any luck with products that get rid of them and even better yet prevent them from nesting in your yard?  Are you a DIYer or are you like me and end up spending summer fun money on wasp extermination?!

Help!!!  All suggestions are welcome!!

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