Today is Work Like a Dog Day

Today has actually been designated “Work Like a Dog” Day. When I saw this, in intrigued me a bit, and I wanted to take a close look.


Now we’re not talking about the pet dogs that we have laying around the house all day. Most often their hardest “work” is finding the most comfy position for their next nap lol, or greeting you when you come home at the end of a long day.

The saying work like a dog actually comes from days gone by when working dogs would be relentless in their task.  Even in modern days some dogs are still working dogs, trained to be a useful tool and part of the team for their owners.  Sled dogs, Farm dogs and Sheep dogs all work very hard (relentlessly) for their owners, all day and they do not give up.

This short video is awesome at illustrating the point I am trying to make:


Have you ever noticed that dogs (even working dogs) are never in a bad mood.  Notice in that video, the dogs are NEVER in a bad mood, sad, depressed, or not willing to get the job done?  They don’t hang their heads and trudge out to pull home that ski doo with a bad attitude?  That are happy, tails wagging, raring to go and get it done?!

Today, my plan is to “work like a dog”.

I want to work relentlessly at all of the tasks that require my attention, until they are complete.   AND,  at the end of the day I want to be so happy and fulfilled that I am wagging my tail, with a smile on my face, looking to share that smile and love with anyone that I encounter.

I want to take a lesson from the dogs.  they are always happy and full of love, excitement and joy!  They go about their work with a happy heart, and they all look like they are having fun doing it!

Beside that, that always spread their love and excitement with their owners.  That IS the best part of having a dog….   They automatically lift your mood even when you have had a bad day.  They only know how live a life where the whole entire purpose of living life is to be love, happiness, excitement  and joy.

So today, I am making a point to work like a dog.

  • I want to be relentless in my work and really “grind it out”.  I want to have a day of feeling accomplished.
  • But I also want to do it in a way where by the end of the day, all I am feeling and radiating is joy, happiness and love.

That to me is a perfect day!

I often feel this way when I am working my eBay/Amazon business.  I love being able to work from home, get a lot accomplished and make a living do so.  It brings me great joy and I am happy and excited every morning to get at it.

I also love to be able to share that joy and excitement with people around me.  Not only by teaching them what and how I do it, but also by providing value to the customers who are purchasing items from me in my eBay and Amazon stores.  It is exciting for me to be able to help people find exactly what they are looking for online.

My wish for you today is to have a blessed day, and WORK LIKE A DOG!!

Talk soon,




P.S.  If you would like me to show you what I do that is bringing me so much joy and fulfillment, check it out here.



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