Amazon Seller: Aren’t you in Business to Make Money?

frustrated1Okay so it has to be said and this may be a bit of a “rant” post, but it’s something that Amazon sellers need to know, learn and live by!  This drives me a little crazy!


I see this ALL the time…  You have an item, and it is selling well with a good profit margin.  There are a few sellers on it and they are nicely sharing the buy box.  Then along comes newbie seller or some jerkoff umm uninformed? clueless? seller that apparently isn’t in business to make a profit.

Stop Doing That!

Stop Doing That!

People listen up!!

If an item is moving and selling nicely, why would you come on the listing and undercut the other sellers to a point where NOBODY  (including you) is making any money?!  Why would you do that?  Aren’t you in Business to Make Money?

The buy box will ROTATE every seller on the listing will get a piece of the buy box pie, as long as we all just play nice and share!!

If you’ve done your research and found an item that you would like to sell.  Just go in and match the lowest price.  Do not go any lower than that, do not under cut those other sellers.  You will get your chance at the buy box.  And when you do, you will actually be able to make a profit.

Don’t play the undercut by a penny or a nickel game either.  Really what’s the point?!  Do you think you’re being a smart business person by doing this.  YOU’RE NOT!!  All that stupid repricing software is just a large PIA for everyone because you still end up driving the price down.

BBB-facebook1Have you ever seen the Buy Box Bible?  You can download a FREE copy of it here.  If you want to be a seller on Amazon, educate yourself on how best to do it.

So my question again is this:

Amazon Seller:  Aren’t you in Business to Make Money?

If you aren’t in business to make money than get the hell off the listing and go to the beach or something.  Let the rest of us who actually know how to run a successful business take care of serving the market!

Talk soon,



P.S.  If you are interested in learning HOW to sell on Amazon the right way – I’d be more than happy to help you get started


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