Using Procrastination to Sabotage Your Success

I am finding this series a difficult one to write about.  I’ve been talking about procrastination and the different ways in which we (I) procrastinate.  If you’d like to follow along, you can go back to the beginning.

While I was suppose to be writing this post, I was having a conversation on skype with a friend of mine…

procrastinationToday’s topic is all about self sabotage, which is seriously one of MY biggest issues (and probably why it is so hard to write about).  Procrastination is often an unconscious tool or mechanism we use to self sabotage.

Sadly, I get an A+ when it comes to the art of self sabotage.  I seem to do it in all areas of both my personal a business life.  It is very much non-intention and something that frustrates me to no end.  I feel like I can get so far with something and then there is a blockage and I can’t seem to go any further.  Call it the glass ceiling or call it a brick wall however you want to refer to it, the struggle is very real.

So basically what happens is that  you have an ideal in your subconscious mind of what your are capable of, what you are worth, and what you think you deserve.  Your set of beliefs or your self concept has been “cooking” ever since you were a very young baby, and so they are very ingrained into who you are.  Even when  your conscious mind has big dreams and goals to do something or become something, if that dream/goal is not in line with what your subconscious self concept you WILL meet the brick wall.


A good example of that would be how much money you make (at a job or operating a business).  You want so very badly to be a 10K a month income earner.  You feel like that would be an adequate level to keep you and your family happy, healthy and enjoying life.  You work your butt off everyday doing things to get you to that level.  You think you’re making some good progress and then BAMMM Brick Wall!

For me, that brick wall (or self concept) seems to be between 5 – $6000/month.  I have been raised on modest means, all my life growing up I’ve heard things like money doesn’t grow on trees, we can’t afford this or that, save your money, you don’t deserve this money, money is evil … blah blah on and on.   And so my subconscious mind has over time has created this self concept concerning the topic of money.

My goal of course is to make much more than that.  10, 20, or even 30K/month.  I can get there.  I know it’s possible, I have the skills, I have the desire, I have the ability.

But guess what?  I can’t seem to break that 6K barrier!!!!  Just being brutally honest here…. and guess what else?  It frustrates the heck out of me!

This is where the procrastination comes into play.

Your subconscious mind will actually do whatever it has to do to keep you at that certain level that will correspond with your subconscious self concept, or generally within 10% of it.  You will actually start sabotaging your own self through things like procrastination to stay at that comfort level and at the level where you belief system has been set.

What do you have to do?

If you want to break past it – and in order to do that, you HAVE TO change your belief system in your subconscious.  The good news is that you can!

Brian Tracy explains the idea of self concept very well.  In this video, he is talking in terms of the financial self concept, but is the same for all areas of life.

Brian Tracy is one of my favorite go to guys for implementing processes and practices that will help me succeed in both life and business.  If you really want to get serious about changing how you talk to yourself, increasing your self concept and self esteem to finally end self sabotage Brian Tracy can really give you the tools that you need to do this, just get signed up for his newsletter even.  Right now he has a pretty good sale on one of his best bundles, called the Best of Brian Tracy.  Flash Sale – Take 35% Off on The Best of Brian Tracy by using coupon code: BESTFLASH35!.

Changing your self concept is the fastest way to end the underlying reason of self sabotage.  You stop procrastinating, be more productive, and get more done in last time.

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