Is there really going to be an Amazon Prime Day 2?!

So Amazon Prime Day is over, and some feel like it was an Epic Fail, what do you think?

Basically, the deal was that if you have prime (even a 30 day trial of prime) you would get HUGE deals on July 15.  Surfing around, there are so many mixed reviews.

Did you do a lot of shopping on Amazon Prime Day?
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what happened to my salesI hear this question several times a day lately.  What happened to all my Sales?!  I was doing so good, and all of a sudden I’m down to less than half of what I was at.  It’s like they froze my account!!

It’s the same thing for me.  My Amazon sales are down about half right now.  My eBay sales have also tanked.  It’s like they just turned off the switch and poof …. nothing!  It’s super frustrating, and very worrisome especially when you have never experienced it before!

  • What did I do wrong?
  • How can I fix it?
  • What do I do now?
  • Is this happening to anyone else?
  • I was counting on the income!

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YouCanDoItHere’s a question for you?

Where do you want to end up at the end of 2015?  What do you want to be celebrating on New Years Eve 2015?  This is a great time to take a look at it.

 <<== Kind of a fun play on the old Home Depot commercial, but it’s true!

When I started my journey with DS Domination less than two years ago, I had no idea how to sell on eBay or Amazon.  What I did know was that I needed to find a way to start earning extra income (a full-time income) from home.

For years, I listening to the “gurus”.  They would go and sell an info product or course and tell me how easy it was to start making “INSANE”  money from home.  So I would go and buy their latest product and give it another try.  I would work, and work, and work … not see any results and so I would give up.

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So, I feel like I am on a bit of a strange journey… and I want to share it with you because I’m sure many of us are on this journey.  I’m calling it my Empty Nest Journey.

Now that the holiday is over and we are really full swing into the summer months, many of us are preparing for our kids to go for the first time.  Off to college, off to a new job, off to somewhere else!

It’s exciting, and it’s scary, and it fills me with so many questions.

Things like:

  • Now What?
  • Where do I want to invest my time?
  • What things do I enjoy doing for me?
  • What do I want to do to earn sustainable income?
  • How can I lose all this weight and get healthy?
  • In what areas do I want to contribute to society?
  • What kind of groups, hobbies do I want to enjoy?
  • Do I want to get a pet?
  • Where do I want to visit?

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We all know content marketing is a great way to keep visitors interested and coming back to our blogs and website regularly.  Often times, the problem is not having enough hours in a day to create blog posts that will add value and be of interest to your market our niche.

An even bigger problem (at least for me right now) is that summer is here and there are 101 things that I could find to do besides sitting in front of a computer screen to create a rocking good blog post, lol!

Many of us have kids and families that demand extra attention in the summer.  We want to go out and enjoy fun summer activities like camping, going to the beach, celebrations, or even just taking the kids to the park.

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