Welcome to AHWH :) I am a mid-forties small business women who is just entering into that second phase of life. The phase where all my kids have almost moved on to their next adventure, and now I am looking at the question "What do I Want to be When They Grow Up?!" AHWH is about sharing that with you. The beginning stages of being an Empty Nester, what I want that to look like and making it up as I go. My hope is that I can share some fun stuff with you, and get to know you through this blog and social media.

Perfectionism Can Kill a Project

Perfectionism can kill a project…

I’ve been talking about procrastination and the reasons why I procrastinate.  You can follow along with this series from the beginning.

I put a video up on YouTube about a month ago…  It was TERRIBLE!!  But I put it up anyway.  I was nervous, I couldn’t form my sentences.  But my thinking was that if I don’t start somewhere, I will never start. By the way, if you want to see the dreadful video, you can go to my channel.  I will never get better at making video is I don’t just push through the thought that it has to be perfect.  A friend of mine watched the clip and agreed with everything that I was thinking.  She said:

a little more flowing / it seemed you were really thinking what to say or better : how to say it ….I think the premise is awesome… cause you don’t usually have to think what to say… I think the premise is awesome …but on this clip it sounded like it, almost as if you were nervous

I response was upbeat and ready to defect the “Perfectionist Trap”:


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Fear Feeds Procrastination

Yesterday, I was talking about procrastination, and how it can hurt your business and your life.  One of the main reasons for procrastination (at least for me) is Fear.

Fear is a terrible thing, and I’m talking about both fear of failure AND fear of success.

Fear and Procrastination

What is fear of failure?

A good example of fear of failure is not learning something new because you don’t think that you’ll be able to do it, or not doing a blog post because you feel like no one will read it, or not trying a new weight loss method because you think it might be to hard.

We get stuck in this kind of fear and it causes us to procrastinate and put things off.


What I have found in this situation is that it’s a matter of saying to yourself “What’s the worse thing that can happen”.  Basically, the worst thing that can happen is that the “thing” (whatever that thing may be for you) doesn’t work.

So what, it doesn’t work!  At least then you have something started that you can tweak, or try a different approach or whatever.  Trying something is never a “failure”, it is always a learning process. Continue reading

Procrastination Can Be Seriously Hurting You (and your Business)

procrastinationProcrastination can be seriously hurting you, and your business!

I chose this topic because it is something that I struggle with almost daily, and because I just finished an easy read on the subject of procrastination.

Heck, I even procrastinated about getting this post started, lol.  Most of the time I don’t mean to procrastinate, I start of the day with very good intentions.  But then minute by minute and hour by hour the day marches on and I am left at the end feeling like I have accomplished nothing.  I go to bed disappointed, frustrated, and vowing that tomorrow will be different.

Let’s take today for example.  It is only 8:00 AM as I am writing this.  I woke up at 6.  For two hours, I have been struggling, and wasting time and look – now already 2 hours of my day is *POOF* Gone! I am currently involved in a challenge for the month of July about getting more done in less time.  One of my objectives is to blog for 30 minutes a day, first thing in the morning.

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Was Amazon Prime Day an Epic Fail?

Is there really going to be an Amazon Prime Day 2?!

So Amazon Prime Day is over, and some feel like it was an Epic Fail, what do you think?

Basically, the deal was that if you have prime (even a 30 day trial of prime) you would get HUGE deals on July 15.  Surfing around, there are so many mixed reviews.

Did you do a lot of shopping on Amazon Prime Day?
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Amazon Sales: What happened to all my Sales?!

what happened to my salesI hear this question several times a day lately.  What happened to all my Sales?!  I was doing so good, and all of a sudden I’m down to less than half of what I was at.  It’s like they froze my account!!

It’s the same thing for me.  My Amazon sales are down about half right now.  My eBay sales have also tanked.  It’s like they just turned off the switch and poof …. nothing!  It’s super frustrating, and very worrisome especially when you have never experienced it before!

  • What did I do wrong?
  • How can I fix it?
  • What do I do now?
  • Is this happening to anyone else?
  • I was counting on the income!

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