Fond Memories of my “First”

It is the Canada Day long weekend, and this is our 150th Birthday!!  So it’s a really big weekend for celebrating.  As I am preparing for our big family gathering this afternoon, I got to thinking…

It was a year ago when I took my very first ever ride in a tube!

This was a very “significant event” for me in my journey to health.  My sister and her husband have been into sea-doos and boats since all our kids were very small.  I would guess it’s been 18-20 years worth of great memories out at the lakes.

In fact for several years I had a permanent trailer set up out at the beautiful Lake Koocanusa.  We would camp there most summers from May long weekend until well past Labour Day and the return to school.  Camping and the beaches have always been a wonderful family time for us.

The only problem was that I could never really participate in all that fun beach stuff.  I mean I would go, to allow my kids the adventure, I didn’t want them to miss out.

When I was so very very heavy and unhealthy being in the sun and on the beach was actually painful for me. 🙁  AND there was no way that I could fit into a life jacket or onto the sea-doo or boat without it being REALLY embarrassing!

Last summer, I had lost well over 100 pounds and was feeling so much better health wise, and I had a ton more energy.  I could even go out into the sun more than before.  The old me would break out into hives if I spent anytime in the sun.

This tube ride was very significant for me as it was a signal to me that I wasn’t “that” person anymore.  I am actually getting emotional just writing this.  My family, who had been so worried about my health for so many years, got to watch me climb up onto the tube (and it wasn’t embarrassing or indecent at all haha :P).  They got to watch me and even go with me out for a tube ride.  Marlin (my BIL) was very gentle at first, but by the end of the ride, he made sure he let me flip once or twice for good measure, and land up in the lake!

I did enjoy a few more tube rides and boats rides last summer and I DID actually get to tour the beautiful Lake Koocanusa thanks to my sister and brother in law for indulging me.

Marilyn and Marlin (my sis and hubby) have always taken care of ensuring the boat and tube were always ready to go any day they could.  I never really understood the fascination or eagerness to spend so time, money and effort until I went on those rides last summer.

Tubing is sooo much fun!!!

This year I am sure that I will have many more boat rides and fun active adventures that get me out of my house and away from my safety net.

Life feels so much better when you get to jump in and LIVE IT!!!

This year (for Canada Day) we are just heading out to a big family BBQ and fire.  We don’t often get time together with my brother and his family, my sister and her family and mine.  I’m sure you know how it goes, as the kids grow up they scatter into their own lives and careers and it’s really hard to get everyone to land in the same place at the same time.

We are looking forward to a yummy evening of good food, family, and good memories.

How did you choose to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday?!

Talk soon,





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