Feeling Slightly Nerdy (and a little bit drunk…)

Did you know that I have been wearing glasses since I was in third grade?


I’ve never liked the feeling of wearing glasses (or how they look on my face) so in 99% of any pictures I take, I am wearing my contact lenses.

The difference now is that between all of the driving I do and all of the time I spend on my computer, my eyes get very tired and dry by the end of the day in my contact lenses.


I am at that stage in life (getting older) where I needed to start wearing progressive lenses (trifocals).

These days, it seems like my arms just aren’t long enough to read the fine print… I know real old lady, right? 😛  I use to joke that at least I still had my hearing, but frankly that’s starting to not be as sharp either…

Back in “the day” wearing glasses was … REALLY NERDY.  The frames were huge and covered your entire face.  To top that off crazy colors of tinting were all the rage.  I think mine were pink and blue at one point.

I tried to find a better picture to share (with the pink and blue) but it seems I have those memories well hidden because this was the only pic I could find.  Sorry for the poor quality, call it retro lol.  This was me and my sister probably taken in ’87 or ’88

I had the standard nick names like “fatty fatty four eyes”.  Kids can be very cruel, some of my elementary and middle school bullies could be down right ignorant!

I remember that I would come home crying and I would beg my mother to get me contacts probably from the age of 12.  My eye doctor would not agree to it until I turned 18 and he felt that my eyes had developed enough to allow contact lenses.  I’ve worn contacts almost every day since that time.

Contacts were always really easy for me to wear, they didn’t bother my eyes at all and I could (and did) wear them all day, every day.  My sister was very envious because she was never able to get use to them and so although she tried a few times has always worn glasses.

The thing that I loved the most about contact lenses was the freedom.  I remember I was so excited that I could wear sunglasses like everyone else use to do.  Not something I could ever do whilst wearing my big nerdy glasses.

Because I have always been super sensitive to sun, sometimes the direct sunlight can spur a migraine headache for me.  Not so good when you’re out driving clients.  I did discover several years ago, I think in the late 90’s,  that I could get around the sunglasses issue by wearing an Easy Clip frame.  I did get a pair back then, just in case I wanted to wear my glasses outdoors.

Getting new glasses is a really big decision for me. 


My eyes have ALWAYS been really bad.  I have Myopic vision and my lenses are thick like the old coke bottles.  I basically only see colors and blurs when I’m not wearing them.  I’ve always hated waking up and not being able to see what time it was on the clock unless my nose was 6 inches away from it.

Because my vision is so bad, buying glasses is not cheap and I have very minimal health insurance coverage for them, so it is a huge decision.

I actually was going to try the transition lens this time, that change color outdoors,  but as it was explained to me, they don’t change in a vehicle while driving because the windshield in a vehicle has UV protection and they only change with the UV light.

When I renewed my prescription and decided to start wearing glasses more often, I knew the only frames I would look at were the ones with the Easy Clip.

I got them up yesterday, and wore them almost the entire day.

These new glasses have taken a bit of adjusting especially because of the progressive lenses.  I was feeling dizzy and kind of drunk for the majority of the day.  But, by the time I went to bed I have to say that I am fairly happy with them.

I think I will be able to wear them regularly, so I am very pleased with that.

When I drove to pick up my little one from daycare, I kept them on (and used my Easy Clip).  By that time my eyes had adjusted to them, and it wasn’t bad at all.  Apparently, the trick to wearing a progressive lens is to move your head more and look straight at what you are trying to focus on.  So I was a little nervous to drive in rush hour with the shoulder checks and need of good peripherals.  The other thing to pay attention to if you’re getting progressives is don’t cheap out.  Get at least the middle of the road quality.  The better quality really does make life a lot easier.

If you are like me and need to wear your glasses full-time,  I’ll give you my link again, you may want to take a look at the Easy Clip the next time you are shopping for frames.

Talk soon,




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