Me Walking? For a Cause?!

My daily life and aspirations have changed so drastically over the course of my journey to health…


It use to be that the only place you would see me walking was up and down the junk food isle at the grocery store trying to “stock up” on the comfort food that kept me so uncomfortable.

Looking back, I find it really amusing (and very sad) because I would go up and down the isle quick in hopes that no one would notice me or how many bags of chips I was putting in my cart.  I would also grab a 24 pack of DIET PEPSI (as if that was helping lol).

I always felt so …. ashamed!!

People would look in my cart, and then look me up and down, some people would even start whispering and pointing.

I would wait until I put all the kids to bed, and then go grab a bag of chips and a diet Pepsi (so I wasn’t getting all that sugar of course), then I would go and pig out in my bed while I fell asleep vowing tomorrow would be a better day.

I couldn’t walk anywhere.  Going up and down the stairs to get in my house use to hurt my legs.  Going out to do grocery shopping, or any event that required even a small amount of walking would leave me sore, and exhausted.

For so many years, I could not get out of that cycle.

Fast forward to now…

This Thursday June 15, I will be participating in my first ever Walk to Raise Awareness!  I am actually having a hard time believing how much has changed…. how much I have changed!

The walk is being put on by LEARN (Lethbridge Elder Abuse Response Network) to raise awareness for Elder Abuse in our city and is part of  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD).

The walk is being held at the Civic Centre Track this Thursday from 10:00 – 11:00.

The walk is followed by a BBQ (cost of $2) and all proceeds from that are going to the Seniors Safety Calendar.


Why don’t you come down and cheer me on?!  Or better yet, come walk with me!

Why am I all of a sudden interested in walking for a cause such as Elder Abuse?

A few reasons…

  1. One of my new goals is to get out more and involved in our local community.
  2. I have recently started a new local business serving Seniors’ (more on that in a future post) and this is a big concern in our community.  There was a news report last year that said the police are called out to investigate 12 incidents each month of Elder Abuse.
  3. Now that I am feeling so much healthier, I want to start getting more active and moving more.  Granted this isn’t a 5K marathon or anything like that, but it is a start.
  4. Moving actual feels good and gives energy.  This is a great walk for local friends and seniors to come down and get involved to stay active and healthy.
  5. I CAN!

I really hope to see you locals down there to cheer me on, say hello and help support the Senior’s in our community!



Talk soon,





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