Keto Fail? Or Just Negative Self Talk

My Keto Journey


I adopted a Keto way of eating back on August 3, 2015.  For the first 14 months and while I lost the majority of my weight, I did not stray from eating low carb even once because I knew that if I did, it would be hard to get back on it.

During that time I managed to lose 155 pounds and I felt better than I have in years, since I was a teenager in fact.

Since then I have tried to stick with a low carb/ Keto lifestyle, but I am finding it harder especially when I go through super stressful times such as I did recently with my mother being ill and having surgery, or other times when there is an upset with my children.  I have gained back some of the weight (the gain fluctuates between 30 and 40 pounds).

When I eat a healthy low carb diet, I have way more energy, I feel healthier, not so sluggish and my body doesn’t get all swollen up and feeling bloated.

I really wish and want the discipline I had in the early days of my Keto journey.  Sadly that has not been the case.  Although I do continue my efforts even through the struggle.  I am still a work in progress, and likely will always think of myself as a work in progress because I will always try and keep achieving more.

Negative Self Talk


I’ve been back in Ketosis the last three weeks and am back to feeling good.

Yesterday morning, I got a little disgusted with myself though.   I got on the scale for my weekly weigh-in and had only lost 1.1 pounds!



Immediately, the negative self talk started to kick in, and I was bashing myself around pretty seriously with the thoughts in my head.  I’m sure you know that kind of negative self talk, it can be so hard to snap out of it.

Then I stopped and realized that over the course of the last three weeks, I have taken off a total of 9 pounds.

That’s not to shabby!

It’s way to easy to be too hard on ourselves.  We talk worse to ourselves than we would to anyone in the world.  Why do we do that? If someone talked to one of my kids the way that I talk to myself  – I would go and KICK THEIR ASS!!

But yet it’s okay to talk to myself that way?  

NOPE it’s not.


Action Plan for a Keto Win


I am actually excited and plan to hit it hard this week to see just how much I can lose! And even more importantly how much energy I can gain!

My friend Lynn always talks about what she puts in her mouth being one thing she CAN control in life, even on those stressful, hard days.  That just makes so much sense.  What I eat and how I treat my body are things that I actually can control, and it is a choice whether or not I do.

I”m planning on 4 things for this week.

  1.  Tracking my food intake and macros through the My Fitness Pal App – keeping track of everything that goes into my mouth really helps.
  2. Adding coconut oil to my coffee daily.  I really want to try MCT oil, and I’ve got some ordered through Love You Foods, but in the meantime coconut oil it is.
  3. Drinking more water ATM moment my daily fresh water intake is umm well none – I don’t just have a glass of water (unless it comes in the form of coffee).
  4. Stop eating Russell Stovers sugar free chocolates – This is just more as a test.  My daughter told me after watching some YouTube video, that these could be stalling my weight loss.  I eat way too many of these in a day.

I’ve already started my action plan.

I’ve been logging my food in My Fitness Pal.


Yesterday afternoon and also this morning, I had coffee with coconut oil in it.  I’ve always used Omega Nutrition organic coconut oil. I like this coconut oil because it doesn’t really taste like coconut and so it really doesn’t mess with the flavor of my coffee to badly.

I’ve also been reading up on the benefits of MCT oil, and want to give that a try.  I have some on order from Love You Foods. They had a Memorial day bundle that I purchased. The bundle included both the Premium House Blend Oil and a One Month Supply of FBomb Nut Butters.

Love You Foods (FBOMBS) are a product line that I’ve been interesting in trying for some time, so when I saw this deal, I ordered it right away.  I’ll let you know how they are when I receive them.  Even though that sale is over today, these products are still suppose to be super healthy and high quality.

I’ve also forced myself to have 2 big mugs of water AND I’ve moved all the Russell Stover candy into my freezer downstairs (not as easy to get at lol).

Lastly, I’m planning time each day in my schedule to monitor my thoughts and to spend at least 20 minutes a day on getting my mindset back being strong and to a place where I indeed KNOW that this (Keto, and life in general lol) is doable!


Talk soon,




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