Molly Got a New Dog Bed Cushion for her Crate

UPDATE: It is now August of 2023.

Molly still has the same bed and she still uses it every single day.  This chew resistant dog crate bed is not chewed, torn, ripped or worn, and it has been  almost 5 full years!

Back story:

Miss Molly got a new dog bed for her kennel/crate last week.



Molly will actually wonder off and go snooze in her kennel now when the door is left open, so I know she’s happy with it too.

The bed is a bubble Bolster from goDog and has chew guard technology.

This is the description on the website:

  • Features Chew Guard Technology for added durability
  • Fits most standard crates and kennels , No Skid Bottom
  • Constructed of soft, high pile plush with a cushioned bolster border for added comfort and safety
  • While not indestructible, our beds last longer than other standard beds on the market
  • Constructed with a durable mesh liner that is bonded to the inside of the bed that reinforces the outer material

The other beds that I have had for Miss Molly, she’s taken to chewing them.  We’ve had this one for almost 2 weeks and she hasn’t even tried.

I got the extra large for Molly’s crate. I was thinking maybe the XXL would have been better for the length, but this fits the width of her kennel really nicely. is the dog kennel that I have for Molly.  I actually have 2 of them.  One at my house, and one at my moms for when Molly goes for sleepovers lol.  It’s by Midwest and it’s the 48″ XXL and she fits it nicely.

Molly is very tall (due to the poodle part of her).  She has room to stand and turn around in here.  I think it’s so important for her to have space.


I’ll keep you posted on how the bed lasts.  It was recommended to me by a friend who fosters Great Danes, and it’s been durable enough for them, so I’m hoping it works well for Molly.


Talk soon,





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