Content Marketing – Keep Visitors Coming to Your Blog This Summer

We all know content marketing is a great way to keep visitors interested and coming back to our blogs and website regularly.  Often times, the problem is not having enough hours in a day to create blog posts that will add value and be of interest to your market our niche.

An even bigger problem (at least for me right now) is that summer is here and there are 101 things that I could find to do besides sitting in front of a computer screen to create a rocking good blog post, lol!

Many of us have kids and families that demand extra attention in the summer.  We want to go out and enjoy fun summer activities like camping, going to the beach, celebrations, or even just taking the kids to the park.

In order to keep growing our businesses and our blogs, we need to continue to provide value to our readers throughout the summer months; giving them tons of  value through content marketing.

I’ve been brainstorming different ways to keep motivated through the summer, increase my blog exposure, and customer base.  Who doesn’t want that, right?!

I need some accountability!!


I know if this is a problem for me, it’s got to be a problem for many others.


Why not start a Summer Blog Challenge?

content-marketingThe challenge isn’t so much about blogging every day for 30 days, or blogging about a certain topic every day.

It will be a community of bloggers that can provide accountability, motivation, and encouragement for one another.

The ultimate goal is to use the challenge community to provide leverage to continue to grow our blogs.  Providing added value to our readers through content marketing, social media, and networking with like minded people in the community.

The group will provide:

  • A level of accountability
  • A community so we don’t feel like we’re doing it alone
  • More traffic to you blog
  • More interaction, comments and backlinks
  • Increased visibility through social media, and networking

Join the 2015 Summer Blog Challenge and let’s have some fun, stay motivated, and meet some great new fellow bloggers this summer!

2015 Summer Blog Challenge 3

Please take a minute and share this post on your social media and to your blogging friends.  Let’s grow this blogging community so we can all help one another with our content marketing this summer!


See you in the group





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