How to Use an Instant Pot Specifically for Keto Instant Pot Recipes

Instant Pot 101: The Basics

I know this sounds really crazy, but I’ve had an Instant Pot for almost a year and haven’t opened the box!

When I got it last year, I was super excited to start cooking some new and interesting Keto Friendly meals yummy enough that my entire family could enjoy.

Then I set it out of the way, and actually pretty much forgot that I even had it (that’s the crazy part, right?)  If you notice the date on the Facebook post above – it is early March 2018!

Earlier this week, I was talking and coaching a friend of mine who has recently started doing keto.  We were talking recipes, and she mentioned her Instant Pot, and how much she loved it.  I thought to myself – damn girl you have one still sitting in the box!!

When I ordered my Instant Post, I knew I wanted to get the biggest available just because I am cooking for a big family.  So mine is the 8 quart, and I got it on Amazon.  You can check it out through my affiliate link here:  Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, 8 Quart | 1200W 


My new goal for the week is to open the box and try at least 1 or 2 Keto Family friendly recipes.  Thanks Sarah for the nudge 😉  This weekend I’ll be doing some learning and testing on:

How to Use an Instant Pot

I really do have no idea how to use and Instant Pot.  I’ve heard everyone talk about how easy it is, and how much they really love their instapot, so I’m guessing it can’t be that hard.  Another one of my friends got one for Christmas last month, and was turning out meals in a day – and she’s is by no means a cook, so that gives me hope 😉

I’ve been a little apprehensive about trying the Instant Pot because it is basically a fancy word for a pressure cooker.

Now I may be dating myself, but I do remember the pressure cooker craze from the 70’s and how most people stopped using them back then due to exploding pressure cookers and the dangers of that happening.

I know that times have changed a great deal since then and technology is actual technology that works these days lol.  So I’m ready to give it a try and start creating some fabulous Keto Friendly Family Instant Pot Meals.

Doing a little research online I found this video: How to use the Instant Pot – Instant Pot 101 for Beginners really did a good job of explaining the pressurized component of the Instant Pot.  It kind of set my mind at ease because she makes it look so simple.


I love how she explains the way to safely release the steam, and I especially love her tip on clearing the kitchen of all the little kiddos before releasing the steam.

Some days I have 4 very busy boys (4 and under) in my kitchen, so I will definitely be clearing my kitchen prior to opening the Instant Pot once cooking is complete just to keep them all safe.

Okay, so that looks pretty basic and easy.  I’m thankful that she did a quick demonstration.  I think I’m ready to roll with it and play with my new toy.

Keto Instant Pot Recipes for Family Dinners

Now the fun begins.  Trying to find some EASY Keto Instant Pot Recipes for Family Dinners.  Most days I am cooking for 7 of us.  Many of my kiddos are very picky eaters, and so trying new things on them can be a struggle.  It’s always a crapshoot.

Often when I am cooking, I will just do something that I know they will all eat, and then I try and do a healthy side or substitution  that I can add to my portion.

For example, if I’m making them something simple (cause everything needs to be simple) like hamburger helper, I will brown up enough hamburger, and then take some out into a different pan and do some crackslaw for me.  If I can’t do that, I’ll just make my back up “go-to” of cheesy eggs.

Quite honestly, I’ve been eating way too many cheesy eggs lately, and I’m getting a bit tired of them.



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I would really love finding a few things that EVERYONE can enjoy that are keto friendly so that I can eat it too.

There are so many great recipes out there, it is just a matter of finding them, and trying them.  Earlier in the week, I found two different Keto Instant Pot Cookbooks that have Simple Keto Instant Pot Recipes.

The first one is The Simply Tasty Ketogenic Cookbook.

It has more than just Instant Pot recipes, but much of the stuff it has look like meals that I want to try.

  • 22 Breakfast Recipes
  • 23 Hearty Soups and Salads
  • 22 Lunch Recipes
  • 10 Appetizer Recipes
  • 22 Dinner Recipes (looking forward to going through these ones)
  • 10 Keto Stew Recipes
  • 19 Side Dish Recipes
  • 12 Crockpot Meals
  • 10 Dessert & Sweet Treat Recipes

Being that it is winter in Canada, the hearty soups and stew portions of the book has caught my eye.

Right now, you can get The Simply Tasty Ketogenic Cookbook, for FREE by just clicking through my link – all you have to do is pay shipping.  PLUS you can request a downloadable version to start playing with the recipes until the hard copy comes in the mail (that’s what I did).

The second cookbook I ordered was straight off Amazon.  It’s called the Simple Keto Instant Pot Cookbook. Part of the reason I ordered this one was the word SIMPLE in the title. Simple is good!


When I was looking through the book on Amazon, it looks like it has some pretty decent feedback, and several 5 Star reviews, so I thought it would be worth a try.

Sadly, even though I have Amazon Prime (and I love it), I didn’t get to order this until yesterday so I won’t have it time for my Instant Pot testing weekend.  But that’s okay, I’ll keep you posted when it gets here.

Armed with some a few recipes, and a kitchen to myself this weekend I’m excited to finally unbox this baby and fire it up!!

It always helps me to stay focused and on track when I post updates to share with you.  Keep your eyes out on my Instagram and Facebook for my Instant Pot attempts lol.  I’ll even post one if my kitchen explodes haha 😀

If you do Keto and are using your Instant Pot to cook for your family, I would love to hear any of your favorite recipes.

Wish me luck!



Talk soon,




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