I got my MARCH KETO KRATE the other day in the mail, and I’m really excited to dig into it.

This is my third box since I joined the Keto Krate program in January.  I was hesitant to keep the subscription at first because it does get a little pricey for us Canadian folks with the exchange and extra shipping, so I wanted to try it for a few months.

Keto Snacks Delivered Monthly

I think I am going to keep going with my subscription to the Keto Krate box, and I will tell you why for me, it is worth the money. [click to continue…]

Ketogenic Lifestyle

I hit some bumps in the road over the holiday season.   Well basically from about the beginning of November through until the New Year.

To be more truthful, they weren’t really “bumps” ~  I took a total keto break and wasn’t watching what I was eating at all.   Except to watch all of the FULL CARB goodies I was shoving down my gullet hole.

I ended up piling 20 pounds back on! [click to continue…]

Molly just got her monthly dog treats and toys.  She absolutely LOVES when this box gets delivered to our house.  I have a lot of monthly deliveries, and she KNOWS this one is for her.


We’ve been getting the Bark Box for about a year now, and she absolutely loves it.  I kind of debated for a bit whether I was going to renew the subscription to this monthly box of dog goodies, and decided for our house it is worth the value. [click to continue…]

What does it mean to be a Midlife Woman, Am I in Crisis?


For a long time (several years now), I have felt like I am NOTHING like a typical middle aged women.

Isn’t middle aged suppose to be your “jet setting” years.  When you become an Empty Nester, and you (or you and your significant other if you have one) have more time, money and freedom?  When you are able to finally do all of those things that you’ve always dreamed of? [click to continue…]

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