I have been following a low carb way of eating for 3 weeks now. I am basically NOT counting calories, but I am trying to keep my net carb intake to below 20 grams a day. Keeping your carbs this low means that you need to replace the energy you require with another source. With this way of eating, carbs are being replace with healthy fats.

Eating carbohydrates (which are turned to sugar) spikes your blood sugar causing an increased need for insulin. Then you crash. This method of eating is not healthy for anyone who has a difficult time processing sugar. It would be like telling someone who is lactose intolerant that they must consume 70% of their daily caloric intake from milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream!!! Insane right? [click to continue…]

Yesterday I told you about how I was in a panic because my computer monitor was dying.   Although I normally buy online, this was a bit of a desperate situation for me and so I went out and picked up a couple of monitors locally.

I’ve always wanted to have dual monitors for my at home business.  So this was the perfect opportunity.

But then, you know how it goes, once I started setting up the monitors, first I did not have the correct connector cable, then I need more storage to organize my work space and so by the end of Thursday, my desk and work space was in complete disarray. [click to continue…]

It started on Wednesday night. My desktop monitor started going black/blank. I’ve known for quite some time that I need to get a new monitor, the print was fuzzy in some areas and that sort of thing. The one I was using is probably 8 years old, and is on all day/night, EVERY day/night!!

If you’re anything like me, you tend to put things off until they become a panic.  Well that’s what happened!!

If I don’t have a functioning computer, I lose my mind FAST!!!! [click to continue…]

Alright so….

I started a new WOE (Way of Eating) 2 weeks ago today.   One of my goals and plans is to get healthy enough to really be able to enjoy my upcoming empty nest lifestyle.

I have always been overweight but over the course of the last 10-12 years I have really let my self get to that “extreme” that is no longer even comfortable to be in my own skin.   I’ve been telling myself for several years that after my kids are taken care of and it is just me, I would really need to work on getting healthy and dropping  the insane amount of weight that I have put on. [click to continue…]

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