fat doesn't make you fatSaturday was officially 2 full months since I started this way of eating (starting on August 3rd). I have been on a plateau for several weeks. Which is actually very frustrating because I’ve been working it so hard. I haven’t had anything at all that would be considered a “cheat”.

  • I haven’t had any chips (which is my biggest, baddest comfort food)
  • I haven’t even had one Diet Pepsi (which I normal would have 3-4/week)
  • I haven’t had one slice of bread, bun NOTHING
  • I haven’t been eating any kind of high carb fruits

I have been eating soooooo  clean!!! But regardless, plateaus will happen anyway.  My point is DON’T GIVE UP when you are going through the plateau!!! [click to continue…]

Wow the last 2 weeks has sure been a whirlwind for me!

This post is just going to be a really quick update on exactly what has been happening in my world. First let me say I’ve missed being on AHWH and social media the last few weeks. I feel like I am so far behind that I think I’m first.

However… [click to continue…]

wish I could lose weightI Wish I Could Lose Weight!!

Weight wise it has been a very frustrating week.  I seem to have hit my first weight loss plateau!  I have been struggling with the same pound up and down for the last 11 days!!  My weight loss for this week was only 1/2 a pound.  That puts me at a total of 29 pounds since I started this way of eating on August 3rd.

It has been a very busy and unusual week for me (more on that tomorrow).  I have not been paying as much attention to my eating as I normally do BUT I haven’t been cheating or eating carbs.  I just haven’t been eating quite as healthy as I do in other weeks. [click to continue…]

landlineWell, I do!

And Here is Why:

  1. I’m old school.  I am at home most of the time, and so though I do have a smart phone I rarely use it to actually phone anyone.
  2. I have heard that having a land-line is better in any kind of home emergency.  If you have to call 911 and aren’t able to communicate what you need, the 911 operator is obligated to send someone to help anyway because they do have your location.  They can only do this from a land line, not a mobile line since you are “mobile”.
  3. I just like the feel of an actual phone on my ear better.  I can hear better (and no it’s not because I am hard of hearing lol), and it’s a better size to hold.

[click to continue…]

tumblr_ms13c684E81s564mbo1_500Happy Monday!  Today is 6 full weeks since I have made a stand for Taking Care of Me and undertaking my Healthy Weight Loss Journey.  I’ll get to more about that in a minute.

I thought it might be kind of fun to add a Monday Meme each week as it relates to weight loss and health.  I find that adding humor and laughter to my day keeps me sane.  Soooo….. I thought I would start sharing these in hopes that it will put a smile on your face too. [click to continue…]

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