3 Steps to Online Profits

3 Steps to Online Profits

So I really don’t want this post to sound like I’m up on a soapbox preaching to you….

But I really gotta say it anyway!

I have so many people tell me “Oh Yeah, well I tried that online thing, it don’t work”. But when I get into asking them what they have tried, or how long they have tried;  I come to learn is that in most cases there is a reason that it “don’t work”

You can’t just get this idea in your head that you heard from somewhere you can make a bunch of money if you __(fill in the blank)__.

It doesn’t work that way.

Working from home and making extra money online, requires a very specific mindset. I’m going to give you 3 steps to online profits. If you are willing to do this, then you will probably be successful, but if you’re not will to do these 3 simple steps you may as well not waste your time.

Step 1: Make a Decision

You have to make a decision that you want something better. Whatever that something might be for you (and it is different for everyone).

  • You might want to help bring some extra income in for the family.
  • You might want to have extra money to go on vacation, or got to college, or pay off some extra debt.
  • You might want to quit your job and stay at home to raise your babies

Everyone has a different reason, but not everyone is willing to make that decision. It’s kind of like Tony Robbins says – If you want to see change, you need to turn your “shoulds” into “musts”. Otherwise you are still just doing some wishful thinking.

Step 2: Commit

You NEED to be willing to make at least a six to twelve month commitment.

Although it would be nice, and I’m not saying it can never happen. Chances are YOU ARE NOT going to see a life changing profit in less than a month.

It just doesn’t work that way.

You need to make a commitment to yourself and an investment of your time and energy if you want to see an online business take off and start producing some lasting results.

To often I’ve tried to help people that try it for a week or two, see that it actually does take some time and effort and give up saying that it doesn’t work.

I have others that expect to have everything done for them, and don’t take the initiative to dig for answers, learn to be a problem solver, or just have the follow through that is required.

Newsflash: You will not be able to build an online business if you are not committed and willing to do what is necessary to see it through. It is all up to YOU! Me and many others are here to encourage and guide you but we cannot build your business for you.

Take the mindset that this is your business –

  • YOU are strong enough
  • YOU are smart enough
  • YOU are motivated enough
  • YOU are determined enough


Step 3: Show Up!

Like Every Day!!

You need to commit to working on your business every day. The amount of time you can work on it may vary depending on your other obligations, but if you want to see your business grow and prosper, plan on spending even 30 minutes a day when the kids are napping. Get up an hour early before you go to work, do what you have to do.

Okay…. This is me, getting off the soapbox….

But do you know what? If you can really accomplish these 3 steps, what you will find is that you start to become addicted to the small successes that you have along the way…. And you will want more of them, and then it will start to become a lot of fun. You will start to challenge yourself to see how much further you can push it.

That’s when you really start to become and at home entrepreneur!!

And if you are that kind of person, I will help you as much as I can.

In six months from now you will look back and remember thinking, “I’ll never learn all this stuff” or “I’m wasting my time” and you’ll grin at yourself and realize you’ve always had what it takes to make that lasting change toward a better life for you and your family!!


Talk soon,



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