Best Life

This Blog post from last year that never got posted…  Since writing this post in December 2022, life has carried on some parts good, some parts bad…  but mostly good. I don’t even really know why I would still post this over a year later, except that it is a record of a chunk of [...]

Making Summer Fun for my Kids (and not all about scary pandemics, prejudices, and global problems).   So far, 2020 has been completely INSANE! In 5 or 10 years from now, as adults, looking back on 2020 we will probably think: “WOW that was one crazy messed up year!  I am so glad that we [...]

Truth is – I don’t really care what the correct terminology is. I DID IT!   Am I a non smoker, an ex smoker, or smoke free person?  As of July 11, I am 6 months without a cigarette. I quit my 38 year long addiction to cigarettes.  I started smoking when I was just 12 [...]

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