Even Mentors need Mentors, who are yours?

by Heather Masson on October 14, 2009

Even Mentors need Mentors…

And we’ve all got them. Whether they are online mentors that you look to for advice in weeding through all the information on affiliate marketing, social media, blogging, and all of those things. Maybe your mentor are more in the area of health, or self-improvement, or parenting, or spirituality.

A Mentor doesn’t have to be a “big name”, and in fact often times they are not.

Looking at the Dictionary.com definition:
/ˈmɛntɔr, -tər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [men-tawr, -ter]
1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter.
–verb (used without object)
3. to act as a mentor: She spent years mentoring to junior employees.

Wikipedia describes Mentorship as:
Mentorship refers to a developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps a less experienced or less knowledgeable person—who can be referred to as a protégé, or apprentice — to develop in a specified capacity.

A mentor is someone that you trust to teach you, someone that you would want to be like, and who you model certain areas of your life after. I think we all have mentors in different areas of our lives. Today I’m going to share three of mine for my work online.

Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry author of ClickNewz, super affiliate, and super knowledgeable lady! Lynn was one of the first people I started to follow back I’d say five years ago when I started thinking the online business thing was kind of a good idea. She is a single mom, and has been working successfully online from home for over twelve years. Lynn also has SSWT Internet Marketing Forum, in which she is very involved answering questions, and providing help to those who need it. I chose Lynn as a mentor because she her life is much the same as mine, and she holds true many of the values for her business and her family that it do. She is a single mom who thought it very important to be home and available to her children. One of her greatest mentors is her own grandmother, who she was a caregiver to until she passed away a few years back. Lynn is successful, but it not come at the price of her family.

Alex Sysoef

Alex Sysoef author of Howto-Spotter, go to guy for anything WordPress, and creator of the Expert WordPress Installer Package. I really started to get to know and follow Alex a few years back when we were both newer on the scene. He has expanded his business model, and grown his audience vastly over the past three years. That’s due to the fact that he really knows his stuff. Alex was just starting to release some of his info products at that time, and I believe I was a beta tester for one of them, or sure wanted to be, lol. Alex had be a webmaster, and techie for years before deciding to venture out on his own. Alex’s work ethic and knowledge make him a natural mentor for me. I love to tinker with wordpress sites, and blogging. His knowledge is a great asset to me.

Chris Lang

Chris Lang – A new favorite of mine. Chris is the Authority on anything Google, and really knows his stuff. Chris is one of the Beta testers for the new Gwave (that we are all anxiously awaiting invites for ;) ). He dissects how many of the Google apps such as gmail, Google reader, Google Friend Connect, and now Google wave all work together. Google has gone Social, and will be the be the next show stopper on the Internet. These products are going to change how the world does business. He is the Author of Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics, and has updated in several times already to keep up to changing trends. Chris has a private members site where he mentors, provides information and resources to his “Surf Club” members. Chris has a no BS approach to explaining things that make sense and get results. Getting in on the ground floor is in my opinion, one of the smartest things you can do. If Chris doesn’t know the answer, he will find out. His mind is curious constantly testing, and asking “why did they do it like this?” and “what happens if we use it like that?”

Notice that none of these three mentors are the huge “I made a million bucks over night” type people. They are all online marketers, and business owners who work very hard at their craft, they didn’t just get all of this knowledge handed to them. And I’m sure if you asked any one of them, they would tell you that in addition to all of the work, they have mentors and coaches as well that they look to for advice.

The other thing that these three have in common is that they all care about helping their followers. They are very personable, and they really do care whether you succeed or not.

I think that with all of the information available today it’s important to choose a few people that you really respect, and that you want to follow because you like the results that you see. If you listen to every fly by night and free report offer that comes along, the amount of information can be deafening, and very confusing.

Stay Focused!

Who are some of your mentors, and why?



Thanks for reading! :)

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Alex Sysoef says:

Thank you for the mention and kind words Heather. I do what I can and just as yourself – I always learn from someone else :-)
.-= Alex Sysoef´s last blog ..8 New Plug-ins Every New Blog Should Have =-.

You’re more than welcome Alex, and thanks for always being available to help ;)

Robert says:

Hi Heather,

I see we at least one mentor in common; Alex Syseof. He really knows his "stuff" and is always willing to help in every way. I've learned quite a lot from Alex regarding WordPress.

I also have a few other marketing mentors that I respect and I'm able to communicate with and they include: Holly Mann (Honest Riches) and Jessica Swanson (Shoestring Marketing). There are also a few mentors that I look to in my personal life.
.-= Robert´s last blog ..Free Tools That Make Marketing Tasks Easier – Part 2 =-.

Hi Robert, and Welcome :)

I will have to take a look at those two blogs.

Yes Alex is great, and always ready to help. After being away from the online world, he was one of the first I found when trying to set up this new AHWH site.

I agree with you. Before choosing online business mentors, I also believe it is important to follow them a while. Look to what kind of information they are providing, and then decide if that's what you need in your business.

Lynn Terry says:

Thank you so much for the mention and the kind words. I have met Alex as well – last January – he's a great guy! And yes, I do definitely have my mentors both in life and in business :)

Hi Lynn,

I appreciate you being available over the years, through your forum and blog. It has always been evident that you truly do enjoy what you do, and that you care about the people who look to you for advice.

Ms. Freeman says:

You definitely hit on a good topic here. Mentors are key in many facets of our live. I look to my mentors to be honest and helpful. My expectation of a mentor is to be forthcoming and not to sugar coat their critique.
.-= Ms. Freeman´s last blog ..To Reply or Not To Reply That Is The Question =-.

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