One thing that I had to do in order to stick to this way of eating is change my mindset. I don’t consider this a diet, because it’s not.

I FINALLY made a conscious decision that I wanted to get healthy and actually be able to enjoy my empty nest years. There was NO WAY I was going to be able to do that carrying around the weight that I was carrying.

Every day and every time I was about to stick something in my mouth, I had to picture a healthier happier more alive me. In the beginning, it was an actual conscious choice. Choosing the right foods to fuel my body is now a lot easier than it was, but some days it is still hard.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I was literally killing myself with potato chips I would eat them without even thinking about it, they were my comfort – my escape.

Oprah-and-Deepak-2-435When I was at my Yoga class this morning, my teacher mentioned this 21 Day meditation challenge just starting.  Oprah is doing it.  So I just went and signed up for it.  I do believe in meditation and getting your self talk to a place where you are loving yourself instead of talking non-stop smack in your head.

I am not sure what this meditation is about, like I said, I just signed up tonight.   I thought that I would mention it so that you can sign-up and go through it with me if you would like.  It is called the Meditation Experience, and you can register here.

I am looking forward to getting into day 1 as soon as I am caught up on today’s to-do list.


People have been asking me what I eat to lose this weight.  I will showcase some of my favorite meals over the coming days.  But what you need to do is take the initiative to research the Low Carb High Fat Way of Eating.  You need to become involved in your own journey to health.

I would love to hear what you are eating and trying.  For example, on the weekend my niece tried low carb Cauliflower pizza, but put her own spin on it.   That’s awesome and I love to see it!

Tonight’s dinner was a very simple one.  You will notice that I am not a complicated cooker.  One of my dear friends lived on a farm for years, and so she was always substituting items in a recipe and deleting whatever.  And that is how I cook.  It’s all about being simple and quick.

Cheesy  Eggs with Sausage



Took me 5 minutes to make, and was loaded with 76% good fats, and only 4 net carbs.  This willl keep me full (and full of energy) right until bedtime.

Hint:  I have the breakfast sausage precooked and frozen so that it is super easy to grab them when I am hungry and I don’t have to think about it.

Now I must get some work done for my eCommerce business, and then I want to listen to that meditation before I go to bed.  🙂

Talk soon,





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I get in this mini plateaus where it feels like NOTHING is working to drop a pound, and what I lose one day I get back that next.

It is sooo frustrating!!

So that has been the case for the last 2 weeks. I want so desperately to get to a loss of 100 pounds and I am so close. But for the last couple of weeks I have been playing around with the same 2 pounds up and down, up and down! GRRRR!!!!

take-a-napSo on Friday, I happened to get a migraine in the middle of my yoga class. I came home, and decided I had better have a rest just to get the headache to move along.

Well I fell asleep for 3 hours!! Then that evening I slept for another 9. That is totally unlike me. I never am able to take a nap and in fact with I could.

On Saturday when I woke up, I was down to my lowest I have been in probably 15 years!!! I was down a pound over night. This morning I was down another pound!

The two things that I did differently were:

  1. Get a Decent Sleep.  What I had realized is that with all of the “stuff” going on in my life the last few weeks I had probably been only averaging slightly more than 5 hours a night.  I can manage this for a day maybe two, but it had become an ongoing problem.
  2. Drink Adequate Water.  Because I was so tired, I was drinking more coffee and less water, without even realizing it.  Friday and Saturday I made a conscious effort to drink less coffee and more water.

Those two things have seemed to help move me off my plateau.  So I am going to keep doing them.  Minimum 7 hours of sleep, and adequate water.

I know the next question is going to be, “Well how much water is adequate, Heather?”  The answer that my mentor the Low Carb Traveler, Lynn Terry gives is, “Just enough for you”.  So basically there is such a thing as too much water, it’s called water intoxication.  You should drink enough water that your urine is a light yellow.  You don’t want it completely clear, that means you are drinking too much, dark yellow of course is not enough.  She has a really good article on How Much Water is enough.

As for the minimum sleep requirement.  Did you know that your body actually loses weight while you’re sleeping?  This is a huge factor in having a healthy and consistent weight loss.  With our busy lifestyles, it is super easy to forget getting sleep in order to get more of whatever else done during the day.  The problem is that you are less effective anyway, when you do not give you body the amount of sleep it needs.  I have to remind myself of this regularly because I am always trying to skimp in this area.

I am now only 3 pounds away from a full 100 pound loss since August 3rd.  Hoping I can make it there this week!!

Wish me luck! 😉


Talk soon,





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I posted a Facebook update the other day, and the response was overwhelming on both my personal page and in the 90 Day Challenge Group that I belong to.  I received many many comments, likes, and personal messages requesting me to start sharing more of what I am doing to achieve such a weight loss.


First, I am very thankful for all of the support you guys are awesome!

It is hard for me to post updates such as these because it is hard to admit that I had totally given up on myself and my health.  I was literally dying a slow death by potato chips and crap food!

I am grateful that I am able to help and inspire others to take a closer look at their own eating and maybe inspire you to join me in my quest for health.

I will try my best to show you what I am doing, what I eat and what I snack on.  But I have to say from the beginning that I am doing this with my doctors blessing and that he is well aware of eating plan.  I AM NOT a doctor or health professional, so I encourage everyone to check in with your own doc for medical health questions.

If you want to read the posts I have done up to this point, simply go to the search bar and type in healthy weight loss:


These updates are going to be quick and to the point, sharing tips and ideas, recipes that I use, ways that I save time and always have proper food choices available.  I would LOVE LOVE to get discussions started on what you are doing and recipes that you have found as well.  Your feedback keeps me going!!  🙂  Comments, Likes and shares would also be very much appreciated.

Healthy Weight Loss

I started my journey back on August 3rd, 2015.  I didn’t think that this would work, I didn’t think that I would be able to stick to it (not because I’m a quitter, but because losing weight is most often difficult).  From that day to this, I have lost 94.7 pounds.

The only thing that I really watch is my “Net Carb” intake.  Net Carbs are Carbs less Fibre.  It does require reading labels (in the beginning) and recording because there are a lot of hidden carbs.  Especially in prepared foods.

I record everything in (and will explain more about that in an upcoming post).  I keep my net carbs under 20 a day, and I try to keep my Healthy fat intake above 70% of my intake.  The reason for this is because fat is an excellent source of fuel and it burns much more evenly than using carbs and sugar.

Carbs and sugars produce spikes in your blood sugar which is very very bad!!!!

More to come very shortly, including sharing my daily food diaries.  Please don’t be afraid to ask questions and let me know exactly the kind of information you are looking for.  This will help me post the most value for you.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Talk soon,





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I woke up today and realized that it has been one full month since I became an Empty Nester.

Wow, it’s hard to believe how quickly time marches on!!  That said, this first month has been filled with making it through the holidays (alone).

As I sat this morning doing some reflection, I came up with a quick list of what I am discovering having an empty nest.


1. The bathroom is always clean! No longer do I have to go in and clean up after showers or nag for the kids to go back and do it themselves.  When people visit, I don’t have to panic about what crusty object they are going to find on the bathroom sink.

2. Menu Options have increased … Significantly, and guess what? Every meal that I have made has been enjoyed without complaint (super cool)!

3. I have a new awareness of self-care. Taking care of me has become a priority. I have started doing that on a daily basis. I’ve even started doing yoga a couple time a week!!

4. People just stopping by is no longer a reason to have an anxiety attack! Because there is no mess… that’s a great feeling. I don’t find bits and pieces of trash stuffed in the sofa cushions or the plants because someone was a little to lazy to walk all the way to the trash can. I feel like I’m living in a show home, or as a complete bachelor! I LIKE IT!!

5. I was asked to go for a drink at 9:30 on Saturday night — and I went!!  It has been YEARS since I have had the freedom to just up and take off to do something fun for me on a whim.  Similarly, I enjoyed a fun childless weekend with my mom and sisters shopping, visiting and just hanging out.  These are all new experiences for me.Empty-Nest

6. The laundry doesn’t pile up!  I don’t spend time having to wash things that just got tossed on the floor because they didn’t feel the need to put them away!

empty-nest7. I can clean my kitchen after a meal in less than 5 minutes!  Although it does seem funny to only run the dishwasher once a week or so instead of almost daily.  It’s almost not worth using the dishwasher.  BUT I will persevere! LOL

8. No more alarm clocks and school schedules.  It is really nice not having to wake up everyday to the sound of an alarm so that I can get kids up and off to school.  It’s the most fun so far on super cold days, when I can just enjoy an extra cup of coffee looking outside at the snow and being grateful that I am in!

9. No Nagging, Whining and FightingI always get my own way!!! Enough said 😉

empty-nest-MLK10. The Freedom to Discover ME Again.  Probably the most important thing is having the time, energy and focus to discover what it is I enjoy doing, without having to check in with anyone to make sure that it’s okay.


Now, don’t get me wrong… Of course I miss the kids, some days more than others and I do get huge waves of loneliness and sadness.  But, this is the next step in the journey we call life.  It is a step that I have been mentally preparing myself for, and it is a step that I was ready and wanting.

There is a point when the focus needs to turn back to you.  I would love to hear your thoughts, maybe we can compare stories, and exchange ideas?  I saw this book on Amazon, and will be ordering it.

I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and I think The Empty Nesters will come in handy over the next little while.  That’s my link in case you would also like to grab a copy.


Talk soon,





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I did it, I took the plunge and started an Instagram account!

Instagram has been around since 2010, so why is it now 2016 and I am just getting started?  Instagram is a social media app used for photo sharing, and is wildly popular.  So why is it that I am getting started after 5+ years of seeing others use it?  

I’ll start with the reasons that I haven’t been on Instagram:

  1. smart-phone-stupidWell for starters, as my kids would attest to, I am TERRIBLY STUPID.. Not Smart  when it comes to using a smart phone.  Heck, I am just now learning how to send an image through a text message, or upload something into messenger!!
  2. I just recently upgraded my phone.  A few months ago, I finally upgraded my phone to a Galaxy S6.  Before then, my phone was almost 4 years old and didn’t really have a lot of functionality.
  3. The problem for me with Instagram is that is a “mobile only” app.  That means basically that you have to use it from your phone, that was a huge problem for me lol :p

So basically, here I am a Total Instagram Newbie.


I am forcing myself to use become Tech Savvy on my Smart Phone.  I am making myself use it everyday and all the time.  It’s actually becoming fun!  My friends and family are starting to comment and notice that I’m “on that phone again”.  LOL!  (I secretly enjoy this as it makes me feel like a youngun 😉 )

For the most part, the Instagram crowd is the younger generation.  They do absolutely everything on their mobile device.  I guess I’m a bit old school that way, but I AM learning.  I have functioned totally fine for several years here on my desktop where I know what I am doing and using my house phone if I need to make a call!

3 Reasons Why I Finally Decided to Hop on Instagram?!

  1. I’ve never really liked to share a lot of pictures up until now.  It’s 2016, and I am changing a lot of things in my world as I grow and change into this healthy lifestyle and empty nest.  It just seems like a great way to share that with you all.
  2. I got this new fancy “Smart” phone.  As part of that I am determined to overcome my old school mentality and keep up with the times, lol.
  3. It is an increasingly great way to connect with your audience, where they are.  Because it is photo sharing, people can gather information quickly from almost anywhere and keep in touch with family, friend, business colleagues and the like.

Instagram-profileI am finding that I enjoy posting little bits and pieces that are of interest to me, and my readers.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, a few minutes morning and night is allowing me to accomplish daily updates and keeping in touch with users.

It’s Lonely Out There!

Here is the part where I ask for your help  I would love if you would come and follow me.  It’s kind of lonely there at the moment: @athomewithheather.

My goal is to have a following of 500 by the end of the first quarter. I think that is very realistic.

Are you on Instragram?  Let’s connect 🙂




Talk soon,





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