I had a nice treat last week.  My daughter had entered me in a Mother’s Day contest at The Body Shop, and I WON!

It took me a while to go in and claim the prize, I actually had to cancel twice, once because I had a bit of an eye infection and the second time because I had to do a trip out of town.

When I finally got in there, I was pampered with a free facial and makeover.  Of course the main goal was to showcase all of their products.  But it was a nice relaxing pampering session for baby K and I.

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If you know anything about me, you know that I am a pretty “plain Jane” kind of girl.  I don’t wear a bunch of makeup, and I normally have a really quick wash, moisturize and go routine in the morning. [click to continue…]

My daily life and aspirations have changed so drastically over the course of my journey to health…


It use to be that the only place you would see me walking was up and down the junk food isle at the grocery store trying to “stock up” on the comfort food that kept me so uncomfortable.

Looking back, I find it really amusing (and very sad) because I would go up and down the isle quick in hopes that no one would notice me or how many bags of chips I was putting in my cart.  I would also grab a 24 pack of DIET PEPSI (as if that was helping lol).

I always felt so …. ashamed!!

People would look in my cart, and then look me up and down, some people would even start whispering and pointing.

I would wait until I put all the kids to bed, and then go grab a bag of chips and a diet Pepsi (so I wasn’t getting all that sugar of course), then I would go and pig out in my bed while I fell asleep vowing tomorrow would be a better day. [click to continue…]


My last post was in April of last year.  So much has happened in that time, and I feel guilty for not updating in so long for those of you the were following my journey.

I am sorry.

The last year has been a whirl-wind of change and changing for me.  I had to take a really hard look at where I was, and WHO I was inside.

I think that I had just reached a burnout point from my life in general, and my life with kids.   I decided that I didn’t want/need to continue with fostering and not be able to give my all to the kids who needed me.

Not to mention (but let me anyway) that  I was so very UNHEALTHY, tired, and stressed 24/7.

I felt that my best course of action was to drop out of life, and hide behind my computer screen quietly selling products on eBay and Amazon.  Living my life with much less responsibility of caring for others. [click to continue…]

Hey everyone, this is just a really quick message to let you know of a new 90 Day Low Carb Challenge starting tomorrow.  This is a great group run by the Low Carb Traveler (Lynn Terry).

The challenge is  called the “Get Lean for Summer” Challenge, and that is just what we are going to do.

2016-low-carb-challenge-600What you will need to do is:

That will give you all of the instructions on the group, and allow you to participate in the challenge.  Also if you have been watching my 100 pound loss and would like to get additional updates and community from me, you can make sure that you:

  • Follow along on Facebook by liking my AHWH page.
  • Sign up for updates on my blog by going here
  • And if you are on Instagram, let’s connect there as well @athomewithheather

I am really excited for this next challenge, and would love to get a dialogue going with all of you that have been wanting to get started as well!!

Here is to a leaner, healthier summer!


Talk soon,





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Well I did it!!!


I am not where I want to be yet, but this is certainly a HUGE sense of accomplishment for me.

So many people are asking me what my secret is.  Quite honestly I don’t have one, more than what I have already been posting and sharing.  But I do think here is the difference this time.

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