10 Simple Ideas to Help You Prevent Burn Out.

by Heather Masson on September 27, 2009

It is so important when working at home, to make sure you take the time to properly take care of YOU!  That’s not always an easy thing to do, with all of the demand placed on us (often by us).  Incorporate these 10 items into your schedule will help you to relieve stress, have more energy, and avoid work at home burn out.


  1. Take time to be Grateful – Every morning and every night.  Be thankful for everything in your life, even when you’ve had a bad day.  I guarantee you that if you start looking at all the things that happened today for you to appreciate, you will end the day feeling relaxed, accomplished, and joyful
  2. Get Moving – Make a point of getting some exercise 3-5 times each week.  Walk the dogs, go for a swim, whatever!  I have recently joined a gym, and I’m really enjoying the Me time.  Plus I feel like I’ve already accomplished something for the day when the workout is done.
  3. Get Proper Rest – Whatever proper rest is for your body.  And no – I can pretty much tell you it’s not 3 hours and 3 pots of coffee!
  4. Take Time away from Business – Make sure to get out with your significant other, or your friends, and family.  Leave the house!!  Go for dinner, or do something that you enjoy.Burn Out
  5. Feed Your Body – Eat healthy, take time to prepare the proper food for you and for your family, and don’t skip lunch just because you’re in the middle of whatever….
  6. Don’t Over  Schedule – Just like not letting our eyes be bigger than our tummies, at the next big holiday feast…. It is important not to let our to-do list be bigger than our day.   Being unrealistic only sets us up for feeling like we failed.  Hey, if you have time left in the day, I’m sure you can add another small item to your list!
  7. Quitting Time – What time is it that you say, okay I’m done work for today?  Time to go relax.
  8. Get involved in some WAH Communities – Finding some like minded people online.  People who know what you’re talking about and can say yeah that happened to me.  Always a good thing.
  9. Focus Breaks – Set a timer, when it goes off, take time to look at what you’ve done, and what you still need to do.  This regrouping helps you stay focused.
  10. Delegate – Is there anything on your list that you can get help with?  (I’m sure there is, don’t be so protective)

Try doing these little things as part of your daily routine.  I bet within a week you start feeling less stressed, have more energy, and just an over all better mind set about your business.

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Just what I needed to take the edge off after a horrible day. Very good writing that really gets the point across. Cant thank you enough for sharing.

LINDA says:



See if he'll have a nap with momma this morning. Don't need you getting sick too!!

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