Working From Home

Are you the type of person that every year cleans out the garage, reorganizes the kitchen and all the kids toys to spend an entire weekend trying to sell the stuff that you know longer want to other people?  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Well today has been designated as Garage Sale [...]

Wasps!!!! One of the few things that can put a downer on summertime fun.  Especially when you have people in your world that are deathly afraid of them and scream to high heaven any time a wasp enters their 20 foot little safety bubble of personal space!! lol. I remember when I  use to go [...]

Do you ever procrastinate just because you don’t have any motivation to get things done? I do. But what’s causing the lack of motivation that then turns into procrastination, wasting time, and coming up with excuses?  There are often several causes, but the three biggest ones for me are: The Task seems Ginormous Even though [...]

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