Are you the type of person that every year cleans out the garage, reorganizes the kitchen and all the kids toys to spend an entire weekend trying to sell the stuff that you know longer want to other people?  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Well today has been designated as Garage Sale [...]

Is there really going to be an Amazon Prime Day 2?! // So Amazon Prime Day is over, and some feel like it was an Epic Fail, what do you think? Basically, the deal was that if you have prime (even a 30 day trial of prime) you would get HUGE deals on July 15.  [...]

I hear this question several times a day lately.  What happened to all my Sales?!  I was doing so good, and all of a sudden I’m down to less than half of what I was at.  It’s like they froze my account!! It’s the same thing for me.  My Amazon sales are down about half right [...]