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Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

by admin on November 5, 2013

The tradition to decorate the house with wreaths made of dry flowers and fruit is a very ancient one. Such a tradition existed back in the ancient Rome. It was kept through the centuries, and now we use wreaths to decorate our homes on Thanksgiving and Christmas (as well as other seasons throughout the year).

So, how can we decorate our home with a wreath and keep being original? Remember of all the vegetables, leaves and fruit that the first colonists could pick pears, grapes, pumpkins, peppers, any berries. In today’s world, you can use and assortment of dry flowers, ribbons, and many other items to make your wreath original and inviting.

To create a chandelier with a wreath is a great idea adds candles, colorful berries and your chandelier will be the most original! If you don’t want a big one make just smaller variants and hang them in the house or use to decorate candle holders. Being original and stylish is up to you, bring colors to your Thanksgiving dinner!

Making a fall wreath is one of those decorating projects that you definitely should accomplish. Such wreath usually can easily be made and won’t cost you much. There are so many natural materials that you can use. Here are some of the wreaths that people make to inspire you to create your own.

Believe me, your front door would look much better with a fall wreath on it.


Who would have thought that corn husk can be used to achieve a delightful Mid-Century modern look? To make this wreath, you simply wrap the corn husk in a sunburst manner around a wreath form. Hang and enjoy!



 2Autumn Raffia Wreath

Take a simpler approach to fall decorating and go for a clean design. All you need is some orange-color raffia and an unadorned grapevine wreath. Bundle strands of raffia and pinch in the middle. Twist thin-gauge wire around the pinched center and attach to the wreath. Continue all the way around the wreath, being sure to fluff both sides of the raffia bundles so they flow in the same direction as the twigs.


3Fall Pumpkin Basket Wreath

For a non-traditional door decoration, let a wrought-iron basket do the work. Fill with an arrangement of gourds, silk flowers, acorns, and colorful feathers for a fall wreath that will be a hit all season. Crafts wire and heavy-duty glue dots make assembling the arrangement a breeze.



 4Twig-and-Flowers Fall Wreath

Brighten the autumn season with a fresh fall wreath made from twigs and flowers. For easy construction, simply weave strands of flowers into a bushy twig wreath. Secure using a hot glue.

Tip: Because fresh flowers fade quickly, consider purchasing look-alikes at a crafts store and make a set of longer lasting wreaths.



5Wheat Welcome Wreath

Spice up a traditional harvest wreath with metallic spray paint and a friendly welcome sign. To make, divide one bunch of dried wheat into three groups. Use a light touch to paint each group a different metallic finish (use gold, copper, and brass looks attractive). Wrap a foam wreath form with twine. Tuck unpainted stalks into the twine, adding the painted wheat sporadically as you go.


6Chrysanthemum Floral Wreath

Use cut and styled chrysanthemums to showcase fall’s beauty indoors and out. This gorgeous wreath combines golden, maroon, and burnt sienna mums of various shapes and sizes to create a cohesive look. To make, simply saturate a foam wreath with water, wrap with twine, and pack mums into the wreath, intermingling various blooms.

Tip: Spritz your wreath with cool water as the flowers dry out.

Craft a fall wreath this season with a little help from nature. Made with pumpkins, cornhusks, apples, and other natural adornments, these door wreaths for fall are perfect for welcoming the season.

To aid you even further in creating a beautiful wreath, or if you don’t have time, and you’d simple like to purchase one you can get some cool ideas here.



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