Best Life

It is the Canada Day long weekend, and this is our 150th Birthday!!  So it's a really big weekend for celebrating.  As I am preparing for our big family gathering this afternoon, I got to thinking... It was a year ago when I took my very first ever ride in a tube! This was a [...]

I had a nice treat last week.  My daughter had entered me in a Mother's Day contest at The Body Shop, and I WON! It took me a while to go in and claim the prize, I actually had to cancel twice, once because I had a bit of an eye infection and the second [...]

// // ]]>   It use to be that the only place you would see me walking was up and down the junk food isle at the grocery store trying to "stock up" on the comfort food that kept me so uncomfortable. Looking back, I find it really amusing (and very sad) because I would [...]

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