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HeatherHello 🙂  My name is Heather Masson, and welcome to At Home With Heather.  Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about me and what AHWH is all about.

2016 is primed to be a year of transition for me.  For the last 18 years, I have been a full-time foster parent to medically and emotionally fragile kids.  Without going into great lengthy details of that let me just say that it has been the most rewarding and challenging years of my life.

My last group of kids has now successfully moved on and I have decided that it is time for me to take a break from fostering and instead turn my focus and energy onto … well me.

It’s difficult even to write that because I feel like I am being selfish.

Here are 9 Tidbits about me that will sum it up:

I truly believe that being grateful and thankful for everything we have is HUGE. 

Call me a cup half full kind of gal, but I just believe it is a lot better going through life with a sense of joy and grateful anticipation rather than being a Debbie Downer every day!

I love to work online AND I love to help others.

One of my passions is that by sharing with you what I am doing to earn a successful full-time income from home, I may be able to help and empower you to do the same.

In today’s economy, it is difficult to even keep up with feeding your family, let alone look at saving for anything such as retirement.  Learning how to make an income (or supplement your current income) through online eCommerce has enabled me to make these changes, as well to live the lifestyle that I choose.

I am completely unhealthy, and extremely overweight.    

My goal is to change that.  I have very recently adopted a Low Carb, High Fat way of eating.  I was diagnosed as being “pre-diabetic” a few years back, but that is changing.  Eating low carb is enabling me to get my sugars inline, lose weight and start to feel healthy again.

To date, I have lost 80 pounds, and have been able to get off my medication for the prediabetes.  Losing weight isn’t easy at any time, but once you hit your forties, it becomes even more difficult.

I love sharing how I am going about this healthy weight loss and lifestyle change.  It is a difficult journey and one that can be hard to write about, because of the embarrassment I feel at how badly I have been treating myself for such a long time.

If my journey inspires you, that brings me joy.

I am a new Empty Nester.

I don’t even think I fully understand what that means yet, but I intend to find out!  Part of my journey and transition, is finding what it is that Heather enjoys, and is passionate about.

I do want to be grateful that I am empty nesting and it should be a happy time.  To me, that means that you have done a good job in raising them, and now it’s time that they move to the next phase, in turn its time for you to rediscover your Inner Adult!

Family First and Forever.

I don’t have that kind of “nice normal family” that most people do.  Family to me is those people who love you and are there for you through good and bad.  As a foster parent, my kids come from many different walks of life.  I am a “mom to many” and that will not change.

I am a New Grandma.

I didn’t ever think I would get to be a Grandma, it was a complete surprise and my Grandson is a huge blessing in my life.

I am an Introvert (In a big way).

I think that is one of the reasons that I enjoy working from home so much.  This is my happy place, I feel comfortable, relaxed and completely content, lol!

I love to laugh EVERYDAY and I have a bit of a quirky sense of humor!

I am a caregiver by nature.

The problem is that as a caregiver (and maybe you can relate) I ended up taking care of everyone BUT me!  So even though this feels a bit selfish to me right now, it is what I MUST do.

So to sum it up, my main focus now is answering the question:

At Home with Heather“What do I WANT to be now that THEY (the kids) Have All Grown and Gone?!”


I look forward to sharing with you things that I am learning and doing along this exciting new Empty Nest Adventure!! What I want my life to look like now, and making it up as I go along. Finding out what I like, what I don’t like AND how I am going to fund all of the fun!

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I look forward to sharing growth and adventure with you!

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